"By far the best burlesque show I've ever seen..." - Inside Cabaret

Welcome to Australia's first and only live-action serial role-playing
game and burlesque/cabaret experience. Deep in the throbbing heart of
Melbourne, the young and beautiful pay homage to man’s baser instincts in a celebration of and study in sexuality, erotica and fetish.

Join the Black Family as they whisper their dark delights into your ear, in a theatrical experience you won't soon forget!


heartbreakersfb copy.png


MARCH 13th - Descendants: Heartbreakers (The Burlesque Underground)

APRIL 24th - Bellamantis (The Burlesque Underground)

JUNE 12th - The Tragic Wives Club (The Burlesque Underground)

AUGUST 14th - Oakleaf 2 (The Burlesque Underground)

OCTOBER 2nd - Let the Games Begin (The Burlesque Underground)

NOVEMBER 13th - Welcome to the Dollhouse (The Burlesque Underground)

DECEMBER 31st - The Burlesque Underground NYE Ball

© 2021 by Natalie Ristovski

Note: The Burlesque Underground is strictly for adults 18+ only and may contain gore, horror, simulated violence, simulated sexual violence, coarse language, partial nudity, and including images, concepts and themes that may offend some. Trigger warnings apply. All scripted and improvised role-play is safe, sane and consensual. 

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