"By far the best burlesque show I've ever seen..." - Inside Cabaret

Welcome to Australia's first and only live-action serial role-playing
game and burlesque/cabaret experience. Deep in the throbbing heart of
Melbourne, the young and beautiful pay homage to man’s baser instincts in a celebration of and study in sexuality, erotica and fetish.

Join the Black Family as they whisper their dark delights into your ear, in a theatrical experience you won't soon forget!

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JUNE 12th - Let the Games Begin (The Burlesque Underground) - BOOK NOW

AUGUST 14th - Oakleaf 2 (The Burlesque Underground)

SEPTEMBER 30th to OCTOBER 2nd - BELLAMANTIS: Encore (The Burlesque Underground) - Melbourne Fringe Festival)

NOVEMBER 13th - Return to the Dollhouse (The Burlesque Underground)

DECEMBER 31st - The Burlesque Underground NYE Ball