Underletters #20 - The Journals of Reverend Landon Dream

Saturday 2nd November, 1992.

I have come to a realisation.

Love and fear are one and the same.

Allow me to explain.

People love God, yet they also fear Him.  They fear His wrath – they do not want to go to Hell and suffer the torments that go with it. You could say that they love and fear Him, or they simply love Him and their fear is a part of that.

A wife loves her Husband.  She will have his tea on the table when he arrives home from work and will attend to his every need, because she knows that if she doesn’t she will be punished.

Once again, love and fear appear hand in hand.

I see it most in the children.  When I order a child to strip, be it for punishment or ritual, I can see the fear in their eyes…but I see the love too!  I see the two merge into one expression of awe…and it is beautiful!

Sunday 1st November, 1992.

48 hours after Funday.

There were only a few things that concerned me that night.

I suppose I should be grateful, but I am not.

I believe we lost some children – one of them appears to have harmed herself with a coat hanger of all things – but I will not dwell on such trivial matters here.

Onto my concerns.

‘The Russian’ is really starting to play up. Perhaps he thinks he has an excuse – he is not English born and bred – but his behaviour is getting beyond a joke. How savage can a person be?

Just ask a Russian, they will show you!

I do not believe that he is there for the religious experience…I am starting to suspect that his idea of entertainment is pure violence. He also seems to be under some delusion that he is running the show during Funday’s, which is utterly ridiculous. He is not of fine stock, nor is he a man of God…so how could he be?

Someone needs to straighten him out.

My lovely wife, with her keen eyes, caught the child named Vernon stealing food! Can you believe it? Patience saw it with her own eyes! The cheek of the child. When she brought him to me, I could barely believe what I was being told! I ordered him to report to me at 9.00am sharp the next day in the chapel, where I would scrub him clean of his sins.

To the boy’s credit, he came to see me at 8.57am on the Saturday – three minutes early…and I only had to tell him once to remove his clothes. However, the boy had sinned a lot, and it took me 70 minutes to scrub him clean. Some sections of his body – the parts where he had sinned more than others – took me over 15 minutes each to purify. It was a lot of work, but someone had to do it.

That someone was me.

Which leads me to another concern.

I believe that Vernon’s stealing of the food and the cheek given by some of the other children is occurring due to one reason only. The children are allowed to remain dressed at Fundays.

Quite frankly, I find this sick and very wrong.

God brought them into this world naked, and that is how they should remain…why can’t people understand that? I suspect it was the Professor’s influence, having them clothed.

Now there is a man that I detest – the Professor Kreutz. I abhor weakness, and you can’t find anyone weaker than a scientist. They fear the Almighty, so they turn to science and it’s lies.

Someone should bring the Professor to his end.

I admit, I pray that it will be me.

I dreamed last night that I cut the Professor open with my ceremonial blade, and my wife and I made love in his still warm gizzards.

It was a pleasant dream.

Written by Frank Otis.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2013. Natalie Ristovski.

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