Underground III - Carpe Noctem 2014

**NOTE – Heavy trigger warnings apply. Contains content, images, themes and concepts that may distress, trigger or offend. Reader discretion is advised.

Part I – Let the Games Begin (2012)

Part II/I – Fifty Shades of Black (2013)

Part II/II – Fifty Shades of Black (2013)

Part III – Carpe Noctem (2014)

Part IV – The Unforgiven (2015)

Part V - Progeny (2016)

Part VI - Seven Devils (2017)

Part VII - Welcome to the Dollhouse (2018)

Part VIII - The Illusion of Class (2019)

Part IX - Wonderground (2020)


Dramatis Personae

Jasper Black / Baelian Black / Belladonna Black (N. Ristovski)

Bella Jade Black / Betsy (‘Bella De Jac’ H. Baumann)

Betty Dream-Black (‘Betty Blood’ R. Jarvis)

Bethany Belladonna Black (‘Pippy Scream’ L. Grocott)

Jett Balthazar Black (‘Raven’ T. Swords)

Kerryx Black (K. Whittle)

Grigori Alec Katorga (A. Grant)

Claudia Lyra Monére (R. Quin)

Asinoe Hardcourt-Mirror / Alina Bellamantis (C. Maliepaard)

Reinhard Wilhelm Steiner (M. Jones)

Scarlett Ophelia Michaels (E. Kelly)

Eden Nyström-Dream (N. Rummery)

Fuschia Fitzpatrick (A. Smith)

Lucas ‘Lux’ Van Horne (M. Nero)

Dorian Bond (I. Hutchinson)

Joel Archibald Black / Jack Lad (P. Moder)

Skaev (K. Cameron)

Jade (M. Zimmerman)

Ivory (N. Harman)

Ebony (A. Adams)

Nieve / Opium (J. Pappas)

Guest performers and supporting cast

Peachey Dream (A. Lydon)

Raoul (R.Kaye)

Dexter Black III (D.Black)

Mr Nick (N.Brocklehurst)

Violet (E. Lyall)

Vernon Lytton (M. Hood)

(2014) Carpe Noctem


The general consensus both within and without the Underground was that 2013 had been a trying year for all; and the Black Family and their nearest and dearest looked forward to nothing more than a less dramatic 2014.

Business was booming…in the final weeks of December the Black Family Inc. had secured substantial holdings within a new branch of the Australian porn industry, an innovation brought about by Bella Jade and her shrewd dealings with local and international production houses. Jett Black had been offered a lucrative employment opportunity abroad with an undisclosed branch of European secret services. The stock market swung constantly in the Family’s favour and even Jasper had begun spending much of his time at the office he’d once claimed ignorance of, elbow deep in matters that no one else was privy to but his wife suspected had something to do with the note that his Uncle Joel had gifted him with on Christmas Eve.

Photo by KK Photography

On the home front, the Family had secured the services of two new House Submissives in order to replace the recently promoted Violet (who had become Bella’s personal assistant and travelling companion) and the now stay-at-home mother Red (who was caring for Jasper Black’s firstborn son, Julian Benjamin). The newcomers to the family – a pale and petite redhead by the name of Ivory (affectionately referred to as Microchip by Jasper when he was feeling social) and a dark haired doe-eyed creature called Ebony – were ‘in training’ under the guidance of Bella and Asinoe consecutively, the former lending her gentle and refined knowledge of class and poise to their education, the latter schooling them in the intricacies of practical service within the family folds.

Bethany Black had settled into a kind of monotone domestic routine, entertaining herself with various shenanigans here and there and ‘playing house’ in the lavish home she’d been gifted by her father as a late wedding present. She barely saw her husband Nick at all (though he was rumoured to have been spending much time with Jett Black whenever the man returned from Europe), save for the ‘once a month sex night’ that Bethany claimed was part of their prenuptial agreement. Her free time was spent haranguing Grigori Katorga for word of her children, avoiding her mother Betty’s frequent house calls and sharing weekly dinner dates with her father.

Dorian Bond had made himself scarce since Jasper’s return…royal watchers whispered that the two ‘friends’ had had something of an altercation over Dorian’s sexual encounter with Bethany during the month of October (when Jasper had been ‘convalescing within Oakleaf’), and that the King of the Underground had expressly told Dorian to ‘get out of my sight until I don’t want to kill you anymore.’

Uncle Joel came and went, faffing about the adult playground in awkward attempts to get his nephew’s attention, which he was unable to hold for any extended period of time without dramatically making an exit claiming that Jasper was being unreasonable and unwilling to let the past alone. He sought companionship with the other denizens of the Underground, often spending the evenings drinking with General Steiner and a man named Skaev, a distant cousin of Grigori Katorga.

As for Jasper, he’d spent New Years Eve with his wife in a private and undisclosed location and had since surrendered her to her business dealings abroad, returning to herd their wayward flock while she was gone. He was spending increased amounts of time with his PA Asinoe Mirror, both within the Underground and at the office, a fact that did not escape the attention of either friends or fans. Despite Jasper’s almost vehement insistence that the two maintained a ‘professional relationship,’ it was hard not to note the growing bond between them…Black’s gift of information at Christmas no doubt endearing the man to Asinoe more than charm or guile ever would. With the help of her long-time friend Scarlett, Asinoe set about plotting for an ‘encounter’ with the man named Marcus Bellamantis, whom Jasper claimed owned her sister Alina.

“How can I help?” Jasper asked her one evening as they sat side by side within the Underground, watching family and friends flounce about in various states of intoxication. Asinoe pondered for a moment before narrowing her eyes.

“You can help me kill him,” she said bluntly, prompting a surprised look from her companion. Jasper asked her if that was what she really wanted to do, his gaze skittering away when she nodded and stared at him intently. It seemed that he had trouble meeting her eyes since the last discussion about Asinoe’s sister – in fact any mention of her name seemed to make him flinch, so much so that the current conversation was mostly conducted with their backs to one another, a fleeting glance over the shoulder when the other wasn’t looking being the order of the day.

Scarlett had laughed at them, declaring with a wink that if they were trying to convince everyone of their ‘professional relationship’ they were failing rather spectacularly. Making a face at her, Jasper ignored her insinuation and Asinoe’s subsequent blush, choosing instead to play the devil’s advocate and sprawl out where he sat, resting his head in his PA’s lap like a child.

“Fuck ‘em,” he murmured when the young woman raised her brows at him, “They think we’re screwing anyway…” bright blue eyes moved to meet Ms Mirror’s, a look of boyish wonder dancing through their depths, “What do you remember..?” he asked her softly, almost hesitantly.

“You mean about Alina?” Asinoe replied, frowning when he seemed to shudder slightly, the solemn nod and gentle smile that followed disarming her enough to forget it moments later.

Sighing, the woman stared off into the distance as she tried to sort through her memories. She told Jasper that she recalled walking home from the park with her sister one day when they were seven years old, when suddenly a van pulled up beside them and ‘a bunch of men in leather jackets and dark clothes’ leapt out to take hold of Alina.

“She screamed for my help and tried to fight them…but I froze, I panicked…” Asinoe’s voice was barely a whisper, “Two of them dragged her towards the van…one of them headed for me…and I just turned and ran. I could…I could hear her calling my name…she was angry and scared…” words trailed off and the woman closed her eyes, swallowing hard. Jasper didn’t move, watching her in silence as she collected herself.

“She was beautiful…so beautiful…and smart. Smarter than I was, stronger…I loved her…she was never afraid like I was, never of anything…until that day…”

As she grew silent again, Jasper turned to rest his cheek against her thigh, lips curling into a smile when Asinoe began to absently play with his hair. His lips pursed to place a peck of a kiss against her palm and the woman jumped in repsonse, surprise filling her features as she stared down at him. Gazing back, Jasper’s expression all at once grew darker and he visibly flinched away from her touch, sitting up suddenly. Murmuring an apology, he stood and hurried away…leaving a bewildered Asinoe behind.

“When did THIS love affair start? I demand to know!” Bethany’s petulant voice greeted him as the King of the Underground stalked towards the bar. Scowling at his daughter, he ordered a vodka shot and a glass of bourbon, downing the former the instant it hit the bar top.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, we have a professional relationship…” he told her, taking up the bourbon and swirling it about in the glass until the ice clinked.

“Lies!” Bethany scoffed, her pixie-like features twisted in disapproval.

“Look, I don’t subscribe to cheap innuendo and gossip, Bethany Black, and neither should you…”

“Humph, we’ll see…”

Bethany crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head as Jasper offered her the bourbon. He shrugged and took a sip, then discarded it with a scowl.

“Indeed we shall…our relationship is perfectly platonic, thank you very much. She’s my employee…”

“Oh and since when has that ever stopped you?” “Since now,” Jasper’s eyes grew sharper and he held out a palm to his daughter, rotating it before her eyes, “Leaf. New. Turn. Over. Oh look…caterpillar eggs…” he smirked. Slapping his hand away, Bethany stomped her foot.

“I’ll turn YOU over!”

“I’m bigger than you, little girl…” tilting his head, Jasper eyed Bethany in amusement.

“Please…I took down Grigori…”

“You did. But you love me. You’d never hurt me…”

Blinking, Bethany reached up to place a finger to her father’s lips.

“Shhh…no more talking…”

“It’s true,” he murmured, his tongue snaking out to lick the pale digit before he began to suck on it softly. Bethany’s lips parted and she stared at him in awe for a moment before pouting and snatching her hand back.

“I’m ignoring you now…” she said petulantly, hurrying away from him as he laughed.

“Sure you are, kid.”

Later that evening, as Jasper and Asinoe did the dance of avoidance and Bethany followed Grigori about incessantly berating him for not being ‘out looking for my babies’ like he was supposed to (until Katorga, at his wits end, started to ply the Princess of the Underground with tequila shots to quieten her), Uncle Joel took to the stage, saying that he had a story to tell. In his hands he held an old leather-bound notebook, which he clutched tightly as he eyed those gathered within the room.

“Some people seem to fink that I got no claim as family, as a Black” he said, eyes shifting briefly to Jasper, who watched him intently from beside the front door, “But it’s not their fault, they don’t know…how’s a lad to know wot family’s been up to while they been gone? Say, for instance, if you’d gone and left someone behind because you had to…because you had no ovva choice at the time…now say you felt bad about it and maybe wanted to do something, helpful like…”

Ushering Bethany into a chair, Grigori moved to stand beside her, his gaze shifting between Joel and Jasper as elder Black continued to rant at his audience. Bethany frowned as she sipped her drink, her expression neutral although her eyes remained fixed on Jasper as Joel spoke.

“There’s a lot o’ ways a lad can ‘elp…maybe not right aways, but maybe later…years later. Maybe, if a man was resourceful enough, ‘e could maybe ‘unt down a few ‘key individuals’ of the times…maybe do a little culling of sorts, you know, as a ways o’ getting’ back at those who ‘urt the one person that…” Joel’s voice caught suddenly, a frown painting weather-worn features as he blinked once, twice, “…the one person that ‘e loved more than anyfin…” Again the man’s eyes shifted to Jasper, who was staring at his uncle with a decidedly pained expression.

“Anyways…I go on a bit, I know that…” Joel muttered, shaking his head and looking to the audience for a moment before returning his gaze to his nephew, “But if any o’ you was ever curious…or wanted to hear a story or two about how certain individuals might ‘ave got theirs, I ‘ave a notebook o’ stories….” Waving the notebook in the air, Joel pressed his lips into a grim line and gave Jasper a nod, “And they ain’t pretty…”

As he stalked from the stage to confused applause, heading towards Steiner and Skaev, Joel threw Jasper a solemn wave and a sad smile. His nephew merely stared after him, forehead creased in consternation as Asinoe and Scarlett made a beeline for him, the former reaching him first and placing a hesitant hand on his arm. Flinching, Jasper shot Asinoe a look of bewilderment before brushing her off and heading towards the Night Garden, nearly bowling over a few patrons and a chair on his way through.

“Bloody hell…” Grigori muttered, shaking his head and moving to follow. Asinoe waved him away as she passed, indicating that she would take care of the situation. The Russian nodded, a hand moving to pat Bethany on the shoulder when the young girl looked up with concern.

“Another shot?” Grigori asked her. Bethany nodded.

“Jasper…Jasper!” Asinoe called after him as she reached the Night Garden on Black’s heels. He stopped, turning so suddenly that she almost slammed into him, his hands coming up to grip her forearms, wide blue eyes filled with an intensity that made her gasp.

“Tell me you love me…” he demanded bluntly, his head tilting as he stared almost through her. Blinking, Asinoe could only stare back, at a loss for how to respond. Her lips parted and she half laughed, shaking her head slightly before biting her lip. Jasper scowled, releasing her just as quickly as he’d grabbed her, something dark filling his face as took a step or two back.

“The answer is no …” he said after a moment, shaking his head. Ms Mirror frowned in confusion and Jasper smirked, waving a hand as if to dismiss her.

“My shoes are NOT Louis Vuitton,” he sniggered and walked away.

Some time after midnight, Bella Jade Black received an email from her husband.

‘Bella Mia.

Our Family is keeping up its propensity for drama in your absence. You might need to attend to some things when you return. Call me when you are sitting down and have a drink in your hand.

Yours, Jasper.’

~January (Part Two)~

With Bella Jade Black still away on business, the stage was set for unsupervised scandal the following Funday…and true to form, the family did anything but disappoint.

It all began with Bethany Black on a leash…led out at the head of the Black Family procession by Jasper, who had gagged the young girl with a bit and walked behind her smugly, flicking at her rear with the rope he’d wrapped tightly about his hand.

When they reached the stage, Jasper moved to address the crowd, a strange self-satisfied glimmer in his eyes as he ignored Bethany’s silent pleas for release. She pulled on the leg of his trousers, dark hues staring up at him when he finally smirked down at her, tilting his head and mouthing the word ‘Beg.’ Wrinkling her nose, Bethany frowned for a moment, then clasped her hands in front of her and mewled like a kitten. Jasper chuckled and nudged her with his knee, almost toppling her over before moving to remove her gag and gesturing her off the stage.

“Friends…family…fuckwits and hangers on….” drawled the young man as he addressed the audience, leaning languidly against a pole as those luminous eyes drank them in, “…aren’t you tired of playing by society’s rules..? Don’t you think it’s time we tried something a little different..?”

He was interrupted by Uncle Joel, who bouldered through the front door in a rather skimpy pair of budgie-smugglers and flippers, a towel draped over his pasty-white shoulders, a snorkelling mask and breathing tube sticking out the side of his head like a deranged unicorn’s flaccid horn.

“It’s summer!” Joel whined when Jasper sharply asked him what the fuck he was about, “I was finkin’ we could all go downtha beach or somefin,’ you know, get a bit o’ a tan…”

Perking a brow, Jasper blithely told his uncle that he ‘didn’t tan,’ seeming unimpressed as the elder Black waddled across the room, tying not to fall over anyone in his flippers. Joel retorted that it would probably help his public image if he ‘didn’t look like the walkin’ dead all the time…” to which Jasper haughtily responded that Joel was clearly just jealous that the billionaire was “younger and more attractive than a crusty old fuck like you.”

Opening pleasantries aside, the night’s entertainment was met with much joviality…the warmer weather lifting everyone’s spirits…particularly Jasper’s, who seemed like a man possessed – sniggering at this, that or the other and downing vodka shots like they were going out of style. More than once Asinoe, Scarlett and Grigori asked him if he was alright…more than once he responded that he’d never felt better.

“Ain’t life grand?” he smirked, throwing an arm around Lyra’s shoulder and drawing her away from the crowds, giving Bethany a sideways glance from the corner of his eye as she tailed them at a distance.

Lyra seemed quite happy to have the exclusive attentions of the one who ‘imagined’ her, at least until he sat her down on the stage and started to ask her awkward questions.

“Are you a virgin, Lyra…how do you know?”

“…I…guess because you imagined me this way…” the pixie-esque blonde stammered, frowning when Jasper laughed, his head tilting as he stared at her intently.

“And what if I imagine that you’re not a virgin anymore?” he asked with a grin, winking at her. Lyra seemed at a loss, lips parting as she tried to formulate a reply.

“Monére’s don’t sleep with Blacks…” she murmured finally, her features twisting in confusion moments later. The playboy billionaire snorted and shook his head.

“I see. Did your imaginary father tell you that?”

Lyra’s eyes widened and she shook her head, her confusion deepening. Before she could reply, however, Jasper sprang up and seized her by the hair, dragging her to her feet and shoving her roughly away from him. The young girl stumbled, catching herself on a table before she could fall.

“Fine. Go and be someone else’s imaginary friend, then…” he told her haughtily, dismissing her with a wave of his hand.

“Good God, Jasper…” Asinoe, who had been observing from nearby, shook her head as Lyra retreated, giving her employer a querying look before heading off after the girl. Ignoring her, Jasper sauntered over to the bar, ordering a vodka, lime and soda and drinking it thoughtfully as his Uncle Joel – now fully clothed in his signature red shirt and tan leather jacket – shuffled out once more.

“Jasp…Jasp!” he called, drawing the attention of the audience as he hurried over to his nephew, waving a piece of paper in front of his face. Perking a brow, Jasper gave him a quizzical look, smacking the paper away.

“What, Joel?”

“Me name’s not on ‘ere…” glancing at the nearby patrons, Joel turned to show them the piece of paper, “It’s a Family Tree,  but clearly someone decided to omit certain members o’ said family…’cause I ain’t on ‘ere. See?”

Turning back to Jasper, Joel pointed to the empty space on the Black Family Genealogical Tree where his name should have been.

“It should say Joel Black…” he declared, “Hold on, lemme write it…” scanning the bartop for a pencil, Joel snatched one up and scribbled his name on the paper, handing it to Jasper triumphantly a moment later. Taking it silently, Jasper stared at the stark line and the poorly scribbled letters that his uncle had drawn beside Jerald Black’s name.

“This is wrong…” the blue eyed young man said after a long moment, shaking his head. Joel blinked, confused.

“Nah mate, that’s me name…Joel…Joel Bl…”

“Don’t you have a middle name?” Jasper interrupted, “I though all Black’s had a middle name…”

There was silence for a good five seconds as Joel stared at Jasper, the latter doing his best to keep his expression deadpan. After a few seconds more, Joel snatched the paper out of his nephew’s hand, shaking his head vehemently.

“Oh. Oh I see…let’s make a joke out ‘o it why don’t we?” he began, flailing his arms as he turned to glare at those gathered around, who were now looking on in curiosity, “…Oh it’s so fuckin’ funny…Joel an’ his middle name…like it makes the measure ‘o a man, what his parents gone and named him when he was just a bubba…oh so that’s how it’s gunna be, is it? That’s fine, if some people fink it’s all right to mock a fella just ‘cause he might sorta ‘ave a name that might be a bit out ‘o the ordinary…Nah mate, nah, I get it…” Joel held up his hand as Jasper opened his mouth to interject, stalking away for a good few meters before turning to shout back at his nephew, who was staring at his uncle in a mixture of awe and devilish amusement.

“All right Mr Jasper Baelian-I’m-so-fucking-upper-class-with-my-poncy-middle-name Black, I get it…I understand ‘ow it is now…” Joel’s face was turning red as he continued to rant, Jasper visibly shaking with the effort to contain his laughter, “Cheeky bugger finks ‘e’s all that just ‘cause ‘e he knows things…well you ain’t gonna rile me up this time, I know what you’re about an’ I’m not gonna play those games…me middle name ain’t none of no one’s business…”

“Sure, Joel,” Jasper sniggered, “Whatever you say, no one really ca…”

“It’s Archibald!” burst Joel, waving his arms above his head like a crazed gorilla, “There, ya happy? It’s a perfectly good name, an’ it’s civilised like…what? What’s wrong wiv it? Oh I get it, Archie…Archie’s got no ‘air…oh ha ha haaaa that’s so fucking funny…it’s a perfectly good name wiv a perfectly good prize named after it…an’ you can just fuck off you cheeky cunt, makin’ fun o’ me just ‘cause I was unfortunate enough to ‘ave been called ARCHI-FUCKING-BALD!”

Turning on his heel, Joel strode out of the room and towards the Night Garden, leaving an open-mouthed and delighted looking Jasper behind. He stared at his uncle’s disappearing form like a child who had just discovered that his new toy made the most fascinating sounds when a button was pressed.

“Well then,” he murmured, taking another sip of his vodka as Bethany sidled over.

“Something you wanted, Bethany Black?” Jasper asked her, watching as the fans gathered about the room pretended not to be eying the two of them.

“Maybe…” she mused, studying him intently, a light filling her dark eyes as he flashed her a sardonic smile. She smiled back, as if she were suddenly privy to some private joke that no one else shared. Taking her arm, Jasper led his daughter to the stage and sat, dragging her down beside him and sipping his drink slowly.

“What’s on your mind?” he asked after a moment, perking a brow. Bethany frowned, then shrugged.

“Are you going to hurt Lyra?” she asked nonchalantly.

“Would you like me to?” came the reply.

“I don’t know. I like her…” Bethany pouted, tentative fingers reaching out to toy with the cuff of Jasper’s velvet coat, “But I don’t like how much attention you give her…or that other one…Ms Mirror…”

That ever-present darkness flickered in her father’s gaze at the mention of Jasper’s PA, lashes fluttering for the briefest millisecond before Bethany was offered a tight smile.

“Jealous are we?” he asked her, smirking when she burst out a vehement ‘yes!’ in response. Leaning closer to her, Jasper kissed her cheek, whispering something in her ear that made her giggle, her fingers curling around the sleeve of his jacket.

“Daddy…” she murmured, her words trailing off at the sound of something rolling swiftly across the floorboards. Jasper looked up as Uncle Joel stormed through the room, dragging a ridiculously small black suitcase on wheels behind him. Blinking, Jasper moved to stand, the hand that Joel held up halting his ascent.

“Nah, don’t get up mate, it’s no use…I’m leavin’…I’ve never been so insulted in my life. I come ‘ere offerin’ the ‘and of friendship an’ all I get is made fun off…nah mate, it’s no good…I’m gone…” The front door slammed as Joel made his dramatic exit, the entire room falling into silence as most eyes fell on Jasper. Licking his lips and trying in vain to hide his amusement, the young man could only shrug. That was, at least, until the front door burst open again and Joel came barrelling through, dragging his miniature suitcase at a bounce behind him.

“Forgot me fuckin’ car keys…don’ get excited, I ain’t stayin’ just getting’ what’s mine is all…” the man muttered as he moved through the Underground and back towards the Night Garden, “I’m leavin’ out the back!” he called over his shoulder, “So good-fuckin’-bye…”

Jasper burst into laughter, burying his face in his daughter’s neck to stifle the sound, a movement that Bethany welcomed readily, embracing him tightly as he giggled like a child.

“So Archibald is leaving?” Grigori observed as he approached moments later with Eden at his side, sitting without invitation on a chair a few meters away. Eden moved to perch beside Jasper, perking a brow to seek silent permission before invading his personal space. He gave it with a nod, shuffling closer to Bethany and eying the dark-haired woman silently.

“I know you,” he said flatly to her, finally. Eden widened her eyes slightly before nodding, telling him that she and ‘Belladonna’ had been acquaintances at Jerald Black’s old Fundays.

“We were sort of rivals,” she added, shrugging as Jasper asked her what they possibly could have been competing for at such a time, “Attention, rewards…the chance to be the best treasure, whatever helped us to survive and passed the time…” came the response, the disgusted look on the young billionaire’s face clearly communicating what he thought of such a rivalry.

“And you’re proud of this? Of making it a fucking competition?” he asked Eden, who merely shrugged again.

“It was what it was,” she replied. Jasper snorted.

“Well then, how did you meet Katorga here?”

Eden told him that she had met Grigori not long after she had struck out on her own, having ‘bonded over respective traumas.’ When Jasper asked her if she and the Russian were romantically involved, she told him no.

“So basically he fucked you over for Belladonna…how’s it feel to come second to that psychopath?” the young man pressed Eden.

“I don’t really see a competition there,” the dark haired woman responded with a wave of her hand and an even stare at Grigori, “I think anyone deciding to marry Belladonna is a fucking stupid move…and that tells me that I dodged a bullet.”

“Amen to that!” Jasper laughed, holding up his vodka to toast with Eden, who clinked her own glass with his and smirked. Grigori shook his head, scowling at them as Bethany giggled.

“Oh come on Grigori,” Eden offered with a shake of her head, “Your wife is clearly insane…”

“She is, isn’t she?” Bethany mused, smirking and holding up her own champagne glass. Grigori threw Jasper an exasperated look and the blue-eyed man just laughed again.

“I’m sorry Katorga, they’re right…your wife is a fucking fruit loop…cheers!”

“Cheers!” Eden and Bethany echoed, the three companions toasting with a laugh before Grigori’s unamused face.

“Fuck you all,” he muttered, glaring at Jasper, who offered him a coy wink.

“5% baby,” he murmured, at which point Grigori sprang up, stalking away and almost bowling Lyra over in the process. The diminutive blonde had come out of hiding and was watching the group on the stage tentatively from afar, Asinoe Mirror hovering nearby with a look of concern on her face.

Eden raised her brows, offering Jasper a soft smile before rising to follow Katorga, patting Lyra on the arm as she passed and nodding to Black’s PA. Lyra smiled, her expression becoming sombre as she met Jasper’s gaze again.

“Are you okay Daddy?” Bethany asked softly, her tone filling with concern as she looked from Jasper to Lyra and back again.

Glancing at his daughter, Jasper downed the rest of his vodka and handed her the empty glass, nodding and ordering her to get him another one before his attention returned to Lyra.

“I’ve never been better,” he murmured, his lips curving into a cold smile. Lyra visibly shuddered.

*To be concluded*

Summary/synopsis of LARP experience The Underground. All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.**

Copyright © 2015. Natalie Ristovski.

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