Underdweller Interview #8 - Matt Hood

We all know the Burlesque Underground and the Seven Families, but who are the people behind the notorious characters we love to hate and hate to love?

Blacklight brings you a series of exclusive one-on-one interviews with the cast and crew of the Adult Playground.

Let the Games Begin!

Name: Matt Hood

Which character/s do you play in the Underground? Finnigan Chase, Black Family lawyer. Also the bastard formerly known as Vernon Lytton (deceased).

What other jobs/responsibilities do you have during a Funday? Um…dispensing fake legal advice?

How did creation of this character come about? The idea for a lawyer was suggested by a few people after Vernon was killed off. It wasn’t really until the name Finnigan Chase was mentioned to me that it kind of just started growing in my head. The name had such personality that the idea came to life.

What’s your favourite Underground memory involving your character? Vernon being shot was pretty fantastic. The blood pack that was taped to me just spilled all the blood at once, all over the floor, all down my pants. Gross, but hilarious.

What do you do to help you get ‘in the vibe’ on a Funday? Drink whiskey, play very fast punk rock and pretend like everything is normal.

If you could play one other character, which one would it be? Steiner. Just to be tall for once.

What’s your funniest Underground moment? When Steiner threw Vernon against a wall, shoved a gun in his face and started threatening him, but the trigger went off and the fake gun sound started playing. Damn funny way to ruin a moment.

What moment in the Underground has upset/disturbed you most? Nikolai attacking Asinoe was very hard to watch.

What’s your favourite onstage act? It’s a tie between Magenta Rose’s “I’m on a Boat” and Scarlett’s “Dope Show.”

Go-to song for your character? Black Tongue by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Favourite quote from your character? “Please don’t kill me.”

What is the hardest thing or something odd about physically portraying your character? Finn is a guy who’s frantic and high pretending to be calm and in control, so in playing him I’m constantly trying not to scratch an itch I don’t realistically have.

What’s been the most difficult thing for you to do/overcome with your character and how did you overcome it? Finn needs to be proactive and persuasive in engaging people face to face, which is in total opposition to my actual self.

What can we expect from your character over the next 6 months? Finn is working on some things in the background to make sure he is taken care of (and not murdered in the process). Vernon, I suspect, will be turning over in his metaphorical grave.

The Burlesque Underground plays bi-monthly in Melbourne. For event info visit: https://www.facebook.com/burlesqueunderground/

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Copyright © 2016. Natalie Ristovski.

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