Underdweller Interview #5 - Chastity De Vice

We all know the Burlesque Underground and the Seven Families, but who are the people behind the notorious characters we love to hate and hate to love?

Blacklight brings you a series of exclusive one-on-one interviews with the cast and crew of the Adult Playground.

Let the Games Begin!

Name: Chastity De Vice

Which character/s do you play in the Underground? Asinoe Bellamantis Hardcourt and Alina Bellamantis

What other jobs/responsibilities do you have during a Funday? Stage Manager, Voice of Reason, Soundboard and occasional Creative Helper.

How did the creation of this character come about? I was a regular at Bohemia’s Fundays and one night Jasper suddenly turned to me and declared, “I like you, you can stay,” then got all excited and added “you can be my PA and follow me around with a notepad and write down all the awesome things I say.” From that moment, Asinoe was born.

Alina was initially developed as Asinoe’s sister when I was building her backstory, and eventually I decided I wanted to try my hand at playing both characters. The multiple personality thing wasn’t planned, it happened suddenly in one of those “Oh God” storyline moments that hit you out of the blue.

What’s your favourite Underground memory involving your character?When Asinoe was lying on the bed with Jasper one summer night, stroking his face. She told him that she loved him, all of him, even his ‘dark parts’ and BAM! Baelian woke up for the first time ever and pinned her to the bed. I still remember the rush of fear and excitement!

What do you do to help get ‘in the vibe’ on a Funday? I listen to the Funday playlist and think about the story thus far and what my character is doing at that moment. Alina fits like a glove and is easy to slip into, whereas Asinoe takes more time to put on.

If you could play one other character which would it be? Lyra Monére

What’s your funniest Underground moment? One of the fantasies. I remember it reading “I’m dressed as Elvis and you are dressed as a T-Rex…and you are trying to fist me….” I don’t remember the end as the visual made the entire show stop and howl with laughter as we tried to work out how a T-Rex would fist anything with its’ short arms.

Also, the time Baelian yelled at Raoul (Reuben Kaye) to ‘sit the fuck down,’ and Raoul was so scared he tried to sit exactly where he was standing, like right on the floor in the walkway. Baelian had to tell him “Not there! On a chair for fucks sake!” and Raoul immediately sprang up and sat with a group of girls, who were ushering him over from a nearby table. Classic.

What moment in the Underground has upset you most? Watching ‘Bourbon and Valium’ for the first time. I felt it, it was so awful. Also, when Alina started hyperventilating in Grigori’s arms after finding out her daughter Lorelei was still alive, and Baelian had stalked out and left her. I nearly passed out, she was so distressed.

What’s your favourite onstage act? Bella’s Black Fans (Todliche Haute) and ‘Bourbon and Valium’.

What is your go to song for your character? Alina has Revelation 22:20 by Puscifer, and Asinoe’s used to be ‘Please Don’t Make Me Love You’ from Dracula the Musical by Frank Wildhorn, but her character has changed now so I don’t have a current song for her.

Favourite quote from your character? She who turns the head, controls the body.

What’s the hardest thing or something odd about physically portraying your character? I suffer from really bad stage fright and I find remembering lines and song lyrics quite hard…I have it perfect until I get onto the stage, then it’s gone! I also don’t feel like I do my characters justice in the looks department. They are so elegant and refined and obviously wealthy and I feel like a fraud every Funday.

What’s been the most difficult thing for you to do/overcome with your character and how did you overcome? Jealousy. It’s like a live thing that eats at me whenever Jasper/Baelian talks to anyone else. I overcome it by reminding myself that it’s a game and not real, and the emotions I am feeling are character driven and not mine. I take a minute to separate it and then I’m fine.

What can we expect from your character over the next 6 months? Asinoe is currently sneaking around behind the scenes, working things to her advantage and it will no doubt blow up in her face soon. Alina will hopefully come back, but the storyline will determine that.

The Burlesque Underground plays bi-monthly in Melbourne. For event info visit: https://www.facebook.com/burlesqueunderground/

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Copyright © 2015. Natalie Ristovski.

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