The Seven Houses of the Underground

“Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win, seven holy paths to hell, and your trip begins Seven downward slopes seven bloodied hopes seven are your burning fires, seven your desires…” ― Iron Maiden

The ‘Circle of Seven,’ a dark gathering of colleagues, friends and business associates who created and hosted the original ‘Fundays,’ were made up of seven key families and their households. Each family brought to the circle it’s own strengths, benefits and fortunes…and each household spawned a myriad of progeny to rise and fall under their rule.

But who are these seven families? What do they stand for? What motivates and drives them to excel (or fail?).

And where will YOUR allegiance lie…when it matters?

Read on, if you dare…

“Seven, Richie thought. That’s the magic number. There has to be seven of us. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.” ― Stephen King, It

The Black Family

House color/s: Black, silver and royal blue. Country of origin: England Creed:Familiae est Omnes” (Family is All). Descendants of note: Jerald Malcolm Black (deceased), Belladonna Elizabeth Black (deceased), Jasper Baelian Black, Jett Balthazar Black, Bethany Belladonna Black.

A family of wealthy aristocrats, bankers and stockbrokers, the Black Family can trace their ancestors back to the most distinguished of English royalty and gentry. Rumoured descendants of the Lancaster and Beaufort lines, their fortune dates back to the early 1400’s. Generally cold, impartial and stoic, members of the Black family are known for their predatory yet chillingly detached ways…preferring to have others do their dirty work for them. They are highly intelligent, frighteningly charming, yet spoilt and seemingly without conscience, care or consideration for those in their control. They family is also quite prone to incest and inbreeding, with at least one instance of such practice within every generation of Blacks.

The Katorga Family

House color/s: Bright red, white and black. Country of origin: Russia Creed: “Bratsva a krv” (Brotherhood and Blood) Descendants of note: Alexei Katorga (deceased), Grigori Alec Katorga, Natalia Luciana Katorga, Nikolai Alexei Katorga.

Descended from diluted aristocratic lines mixed with the blood of vagrants, theives and murderers, the Katorgas lay claim to the most bloodthirsty of Russian ancestry. With a fortune built from the mining of uranium, laundered through various mafia channels, the Katorgas are notorious for their loyalty to family and kin, and their love of blood sports. They are widely regarded as psychopathic, violent and dangerous, preferring the ‘hands-on’ approach so readily shunned by their allies. Though jovial and overly-friendly upon introduction, they are quick to anger and – especially when fuelled by their liquor of choice – have no problem seeing a disagreement through to its inevitably bloody conclusion.

The Bellamantis Family

House color/s: Deep red, burgundy and gold. Countries of origin: Italy/Iran Creed: “Perfectio enim per vitium” (Perfection through Vice) Descendants of note: Marcus Bellamantis (deceased), Agostino Bellamantis (deceased), Asinoe ‘Alina’ Bellamantis.

The Bellamantis line lays claim to several ancient families originating in Iran and Italy, their wealth produced from petroleum and diamond conflicts in Africa. Seductive and charming, their ability to secure secrets for and from those in power has made them an asset to those who can pay, and a terror to those who can not. Used as assassins and spies for various courts throughout the ages, the Bellamantis clan learned the fine arts of deception and poisons. Their members are known to be exceedingly loyal (when they find something or someone worthy of it), diplomatic when the need arises and venomously dangerous when it suits their purposes. They delight in conquest, be it business or pleasure, and will stop at nothing to attain their prize. They are also prone to genetic sociopathy.

The Monére Family

House color/s: Emerald Green Country of origin: France Creed: “Le Lion dévore l’agneau” (The Lion devours the Lamb) Descendants of note: Armand Monére (deceased), Lucian Monére, Jacob Monére (deceased), Claudia Lyra Monére.

The purest and most aristocratic lineage of the Circle of Seven, the Monére’s jealously guard their bloodlines and their ancestry from the ‘taint’ of the unworthy like lions defending their pride. The very definition of ‘old money,’ the Monére Family hails from a long line of French Kings and Courtiers dating back to the rule of Henry I (1025). Cultured, decadent and refined, they are the epitome of snobbery and arrogance, though classy to a fault and viciously sadistic. Although in their own way as bloodthirsty as the Katorgas, the Monére’s prefer the fine art of cold steel and the precision of the knife to brute strength and force. They are well skilled in the ways of torture and will often employ such techniques on their own offspring as a way to ‘refine’ their characters.

The Dream Family

House color/s: Deep purple and white. Countries of origin: England/Australia Creed: “Puritas in Indulgentiam” (Purity in Indulgence) Descendants of note: “Reverend” Landon Dream (deceased), Patience Dream (deceased), Betty Dream, Eden Nystrom Dream, Vernon Lytton Dream (deceased). With bloodlines soaked in ravenous rapture and twisted devotion, the Dream Family come from a long line of pastors, priests and servants of God. Strongly rumoured to have ties with the Illuminati and the Astor and Russell families of America, they are perhaps the most depraved and decadent of the seven families. Cloaking their misdeeds and the horrors of their ‘refined’ tastes in the cloth, the Dreams are outwardly a pious and God-fearing Family, maintaining the illusion of the Lord’s faithful, the dutiful fathers and the ‘good’ housewives while indulging in all manner of vice behind the scenes. Much of their money comes from the Church and its never-ending line of sinners in search of salvation.

The Kensington Family

House color/s: Bronze and ivory. Country of origin: England Creed: “Decus in Morte” (Dignity in Death) Descendants of note: “Colonel” Alston Kensington (deceased), Dorian Kensington- Black, Aviva Kensington (deceased), Scarlett Kensington-Black.

Staunch and zealous allies of the Monarchy, the Kensington’s can trace their lineage back to before the birth of the British Empire. Littered with decorated military and naval honoraries, the Family prides itself on loyalty to King and country above all things, including blood and kin. Regimented, proper, refined and uncomplicated, the Kensingtons are often described as proud, arrogant, self-important and commanding, if not at times somwhat ridiculous.

The Kreutz Family

House color/s: White, silver and pale blue Country of origin: The South of North America/Germany Creed: “Wissen ist Macht” (Knowledge is Power) Descendants of note: “Professor” Frederik Eugene Kreutz, Dunstan Kreutz, Eugenie Kreutz (deceased).

Fleeing from Germany at the close of the second world war, the Kreutz Family are rumoured to have been heavily involved in scientific research and experimentation in genetic and psychological warfare, their fortunes built on the blood and suffering of others. Settling together in the ‘Slow South,’ they seemed to resign themselves to a life of leisure and luxury…at least in the public eye. Highly intelligent and scientifically minded, the Family believe that all knowledge is worth having and take particular interest in the study, manipulation and documentation of the human condition.

Want to find out which house suits you best? Take the Circle of Seven Quiz and find out!

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