The Oakleaf Files #2: Medical Reports 27.02.14

*HEAVY Trigger warnings apply. Content and concepts that may disturb or offend, including domestic violence, rape, murder and abuse. Reader discretion advised.

Oakleaf Medical Reports – 27.2.14

Patient: Jasper Baelian Black

Gender: Male.

Age: 31 years and 5 months.

Blood type: O+

Known medical conditions: Mild asthma, borderline anaemia. Alcoholic dependency. Acute anxiety, severe depression, dissociative identity disorder, suspected borderline personality disorder, acute schizophrenia, mild OCD.

Case # 27163

Practitioner: Dr. Brighton Bellevue PhD

Notes: Patient arrived at Oakleaf on Friday morning (24th January, 2014) at approximately 6:15am in a dishevelled and intoxicated state, demanding to be admitted to the Black Family apartments with his sister-in-law Mrs Betty Dream Black. Patient tried to carry Mrs Black into the rooms, claiming that she wasn’t well and needed a full detox and medical exam. Patient demanded a room ‘apart’ from Mrs Black and insisted that he was not to be allowed near her ‘under any circumstances’ until the completion of scheduled therapy and hypnosis sessions for the both of them.

Patient became quite agitated when offered water and attacked one of the orderlies, smashing a glass over the man’s head and demanding vodka, then bourbon. Patient was restrained, sedated and admitted to the psych ward for monitoring and treatment. Mrs Bella Jade Black was contacted as per procedure and permission was granted for a full medical and psychological examination, a copy of which has been emailed both to Mrs Black and to her lawyers as per protocol. Appropriate documentation has also been sent to Mrs Bella Jade Black for follow-­up approval on Mrs Betty Dream-Black’s continued incarceration – but until permission is granted or denied Mrs Betty Black’s delicate condition necessitates a prolonged stay at the facility.

Medical notes: Biological chemical analysis of Mr Black detected abnormal levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in patient’s bloodstream. Pupils were dilated and body continually spasms uncontrollably at odd intervals. Blood sugar levels were high, blood alcohol levels were borderline fatal and traces of benzoylmethylecgonine and diazepam (cocaine and valium) were also detected. Patient required a double dose of sedatives in order to be restrained and slept for 36 hours afterwards, under staff supervision and attached to medical monitoring equipment.

Psychological notes: Patient seems to be suffering acute schizophrenia, which has been heightened since his last visit. Subject claims to hear voices telling him to ‘hurt people’ and when queried about whom he is to hurt, patient responds with ‘everyone.’ Evidence of patient’s dissociative identity disorder is still present, with seemingly more frequent fluctuation between the various selves…though there seems to be no trace of the personality previous sessions and notes refer to as ‘Belladonna.’ When queried about this, patient responds only that ‘her time is done.’

There appears to have recently been a distinct and very noticeable change in patient’s demeanour – while under hypnosis he seems calmer and more collected…yet displays telltale signs of imminent psychosis (distinct lack of emotion, amusement and laughter at inappropriate times, sudden rage).

Patient’s tone changes from level and cold to the slurred, frightened slang of a child with a speech impediment, then back again over the duration of simple conversation. Patient becomes agitated when the ‘child’ is present and more than once flew into a fit of rage about not ‘sounding out’ his words.

Patient’s hypnotherapy session was cut short after he smashed a window and attacked medical staff with broken glass. Patient was sedated again and spent a further 72 hours at the facility before forcefully discharging himself and signing a temporary release for the continued incarceration of Mrs Betty Dream Black.

Hypnotherapy -­‐ Regression Transcript: 26.2.14 10:45pm

Session #7

Dr Brighton Bellevue: 4….3…2…1…where are you?

Jasper Black: I’m here.

BB: Where is here?

JB: Father’s house.

BB: How old are you?

JB: I don’t know…they never tell me. Dunstan said it was my birthday last month…when I was in the hospital, when I woke up. He says I’m an 18 year old man now *laughter* Whatever that means.

BB: Is Dunstan with you?

JB: Dunstan is gone.

BB: Is there anyone else with you?

JB: *long pause* Father is with me *low whisper*

BB: What is he doing?

JB: *voice hardens* Laughing at me. He always laughs at me.

BB: Why is he laughing at you?

JB: Because he thinks I won’t do it.

BB: What does he think you won’t do, Jasper?

JB: *lips curl* Pull the trigger

BB: Do you have a gun, Jasper?

JB: *smile* Pointed at his fucking head

BB: You want to hurt him…

JB: I want to kill him.

BB: Why?

JB: *frowns*

BB: Why do you want to kill him, Jasper?

JB: *pouts* It’s all his fault. He took her away. He made them take her away…

BB: Whom did he take away?

JB: *face crumples* We are not having this conversation.

BB: Very well. What is your father doing?

JB: *blinks* He’s…he’s daring me to shoot him. He says that I’m…I’m weak and he knows I won’t because…

BB: Because..?

JB: *hesitates* Because he’s the only one who knows how to love me. He says if I kill him I’ll be alone and no one will love me *grits teeth* He’s a liar!

BB: Are you going to shoot him, Jasper?

JB: ….he’s a fucking liar. I’ll fucking shoot him in the fucking head! You hear me? I’ll fucking kill you!

Note – Sudden change in patient’s posture and demeanour. Patient cried out as if attacked or threatened. Further regression revealed that patient had been allegedly drugged by his father, most likely by the use of a hypodermic needle. Session was halted for 30 minutes and then continued.


BB: How are you feeling?

JB: Shhh…

BB: *lowers voice* Why are we being quiet?

JB: Not you…*smirk*her

BB: Who?

JB: *smiles and mouths the word slowly, drawing it out* Olivia…

BB: Who is Olivia?

JB: *eyes narrow* Olivia is a dirty whore *tilts head* Aren’t you? Shhhh…

BB: Is Olivia your lover?

JB: *chuckles and shakes head* She’s my other-­mother…

BB: Other‐mother? *shuffles notes* Your brother Jett’s mother? Her names was Olivia wasn’t it?

JB: *narrows eyes* She’s no real mother…

BB: What is Olivia doing, Jasper?

JB: Olivia is crying, Brighton.

BB: *long pause* Why is Olivia crying?

JB: *shrugs and waves a hand* Ohhh…maybe the glass…I think a piece broke off…

BB: What glass?

JB: *holds up hands* The glass inside her…

BB: Did she swallow some glass, Jasper?

JB: *rolls eyes* No Brighton

BB: Then how did the glass get inside her?

JB: *puts a hand to his mouth and giggles* Father made me do it

BB: Your Father? You mean Jerald Black?

JB: Oh for fuck’s sake…who else would I mean?

BB: What did you Father make you do?

JB: *smirks and puts a finger to his lips* Hush little baby…don’t you cry…make another noise…you’ll FUCKING DIE! *collapses into laughter*

BB: Jasper? Where’s your Father?

JB: *stops and tilts head, sneering* He’s watching me…over there…*points across the room*

BB: Why is he watching you?

JB: *tilts head* To see if I behave…yes indeed…to see if I have what it takes to be a Black…

BB: To be a Black?


BB: *long pause* What does it take to be a Black, Jasper?

JB: *ponders for a moment, then smiles* A heart of ice

BB: Is that what you have?

JB: I will. He’s teaching me to be strong.

BB: Your Father is teaching you?

JB: No one else can. No one else knows how.

BB: What is Olivia doing Jasper?


BB: Is Olivia okay, Jasper?

JB:  Oh I don’t think so, Brighton

BB: Why is she not okay?

JB: Because she has a broken bottle in her cunt, Brighton…it probably hurts… *holds fingers in a pinching gesture* Just a little bit.

BB: *long pause*

JB: *sniggers* So quiet, Doc…

BB: ….who put the glass bottle inside her, Jasper?

JB: *lips curve into a smile*

BB: Was it you?

JB: I only do what Father tells me to.

BB: Did he tell you to do that to Olivia?

JB: He said it was either her or me.

BB: He threatened you?

JB: Jerald Black doesn’t threaten….he promises *giggles*

BB: He threatened you with a broken bottle?

JB: *shrugs*…the bitch had it coming…

BB: You mean Olivia?

JB: Coming and coming…over and over…you know, I started to think she liked it…the sounds she started making…

BB: Is Olivia still alive, Jasper?

JB: *bites lip* Are you implying that I’m a necrophiliac, Brighton?

BB: Did you have sex with her?

JB: In every hole, Doctor…just the way she likes it. But I don’t think she likes the bottle…

BB: What is your father doing?

JB: *eyes widen* ….he’s standing over her.

BB: *waits*

JB: *tilts head* He’s whispering in her ear…and he’s smiling at me *eyes close* He’s touching my face…

BB: Do you like it?

JB: *nose wrinkles* His hands are calloused

BB: ….is he hurting you?

JB: *opens eyes, awed* No

BB: What is he doing to you, Jasper?

JB: *smiles* He’s loving me. He says he loves me.

BB: And Olivia?

JB: *glances down* She’s busy

BB: Busy how?

JB: Let’s just say she has her mouth full…

BB: *pause* What are you doing to her, Jasper?

JB: Not me. Him. Oh…I know this game…I remember now…

BB: Jasper?

JB: Sharing is caring…and then you can’t hear those annoying screams…

BB: Jasper, are you hurting her again?

JB: *flinches* Stop it. Stop calling me that…

BB: Why, Jasper?

JB: Because THAT’S NOT MY FUCKING NAME! *moves to lunge forward, then stops and laughs, shaking his head* You don’t understand…she doesn’t understand. I’ll show her.

BB: Show her what?

JB: *smiles* I’ll showing her that I’m a Black

BB: Is that what you are?

JB: Oh yes. Father says so *nods*

BB: What else does your Father say?

JB: *eyes glaze over with tears* He says that he loves me…he says tear her apart from the inside…and I’ll love you even more…

Session ended at 12.02am.

Written by Natalie Ristovski.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2016. Natalie Ristovski.

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