The Ice Queen Cometh: The Enigma of Bella Jade Black

There are those who say that Bella Jade Black’s life is a fairytale…a true modern day Cinderella story of the highest order…a rags to riches epic to rival any of Grimm’s tales.

Just how this daughter of a heroin addict prostitute (who tried to palm her child’s virginity off at aged 8) became the sole heir to Jasper Black’s billionaire empire is debatable – certainly public opinions on the topic vary from the inane and insane to the downright rude and ridiculous.

But what is the fact behind the fable?

Let’s get something out in the open from the outset – I do not like nor trust Bella Jade. There’s something jarring about those icy cold eyes…that crocodile smile that never quite warms above sub-zero temperatures, that chilling almost blank stare she offers from across a room that whispers of a mind constantly at work – plotting and scheming to her own ends.

And what a talent for it she has – numerous enterprises have been wrung out and hung out to dry during her reign within the Black Family Kingdom. As the self-appointed ‘PR’ Manager of the Family, the ‘head’ of all legal matters and the ‘keeper of the books’, there is nothing that escapes her keen hawk-like eyes…no i’s left undotted, no t’s left uncrossed, no souls left unclaimed.

And no playboy billionaires left without a Mistress, it seems.

We all know the story – we’ve all heard the fable…how a 20-something Jasper lay down over $50K to ‘adopt’ a then 8 year old Bella (or Betsy, as she was known) – how she was raised within the Burlesque Underground alongside his own offspring Bethany (or his brother’s daughter – depending on who you talk to), personally groomed by the one she came to call ‘His Highness’ to be Queen of the Adult Playground.

Royal enthusiasts have always been quick to judge Jasper’s motives for such behavior and the words ‘child bride’ have been bandied about by the uneducated masses for years. But it is easy to blame the obvious target, is it not?

Perhaps we should try telling a different story?

Perhaps we should tell tale of a manipulative child-nymph with the power to enchant, who batted her eyes and pouted her lips and played the victim just enough to get a well-to-do young man to part with his fortune? Let us speak of a creature trained from birth to deceive and manipulate men by a mother who no doubt knew how to push all the right buttons and say the right words to make anyone believe that they would be doing the child a favor by ‘rescuing’ her from the nasty drug-filled world of child-prostitution.

One must admire Bella’s dedication, at the very least, in putting up with the Black Family for most of her adult life…though with Jasper’s half of the patriarchal fortune currently estimated at $3.2 billion, the spoils of her dedication seem to far outweigh the sacrifices she must have made to acquire them.

And now, with the head of the household firmly wrapped about her bony little finger and scores of Undergroupies held in thrall each week by this ‘dazzling beauty,’ one cannot help but wonder what will come next for Bella Jade Black.

This humble journalist would like to believe that Jasper will soon tire of her like all his other toys, that she too will be thrown upon the pile of ‘has-been’ lovers and Queen’s of yesteryear…abandoned like her mother supposedly did all those years before.

But with close friends of the Family sharing the popular opinion that the cunning Femme Fatale is being groomed for the top slot in the corporation – once Jasper makes his inevitable decline into the inebriated hell of depressive disillusionment that seems ever on the horizon – and royal watchers adamant that “this one’s a keeper…he (Jasper) would die without her…he would rather lose Red or even Bethany before he’d give up Bella,” it seems most likely that we will all being hearing the name of Bella Jade Black for many years to come.

All hail the Ice Queen. May her reign be as loveless and barren as she.

Written by May Bea Sunshine.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2013. Natalie Ristovski.

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