Terms of Use and House Rules: The Official Undergroupies Page

Last updated Sunday 8th June, 2019.

In order for everyone to enjoy their Undergroupie experience, we request that members adhere to the following rules and guidelines. This is a safe space for all, and we don’t want any tantrums, dummy spits or ridiculously annoying behaviour that will mar this page for everyone. Those seen to be flouting the rules will answer to the Games Master and may be asked to leave.

1. Be considerate to one another (no trolling or picking fights). The Underdwellers and Black Family may on occasion snark at each other in character. It is a privilege we have earned after many a discussion about boundaries and safe words. We do not suggest you engage in a snark-match with any of the family until you have done the same and know what the terms of engagement are. Remember that the players on this page are NOT their characters, though sometimes they may break the 4th wall for the sake of a good joke. If you wish to communicate with characters, you can do so via their own character pages (please remember that this should be done in character if you are planning to play in the Underground world). Please also see guidelines for creating your own characters.

2. This board is for Underground focused and related materials only.Please leave photos of your food and your cats for private pages. Please also refrain from posting things of a political nature, as we respect and acknowledge the rights of all to vote as they like without prejudice or judgment. Political posts and memes will be deleted, as will irrelevant posts that have nothing to do with our world. If you think something is relevant, be sure to post a comment about how and why (e.g. This reminds me of…remember when…). Approved posts will contain an **ADMIN APPROVED** note in the description. All other posts will be deleted. Please also note that while there are certain social issues and incidents that may be of interest or related to the Underground world and themes, we cannot allow over-saturation of our page with daily posts of the world’s atrocities. If you think there is an issue or a cause that the Undergroupies would benefit from knowing about and/or discussing make sure that you get ADMIN APPROVAL before posting.

3. PLEASE NOTE that personal promotion of pages, photos, outside works or services that you have provided for other artists or unrelated personal artistic content MUST be approved for posting by the GM. ADMIN APPROVED will appear on these posts once permission has been granted. All other posts will be deleted. This is not a free advertising space.

4. You are welcome to interact with any of us in or out of character, but please understand that some of us are rather busy and may not see/have time to respond to your communication. If you’re unsure, please feel free to PM the player you would like to interact with to check what the ground rules are, and determine appropriate times for interactions.

5. Any grievances between members are to be removed from this space or brought to the attention of the Games Master privately. No defaming or bad-mouthing each other without grounds. And by grounds I mean pretty much never. All and any gossip, bitching, bullying, divisive and manipulative behaviour will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Please also remember that the Underground is not a swingers club or polyamory society – every relationship you form has the potential to affect every other person within our world. Enjoy yourselves, but be respectful, careful, kind and considerate of the feelings and emotional states of those around you. Anyone found to be systematically collecting notches for their bedposts or preying on vulnerable members of the audience or Underground Family will be removed. Trust us, we notice and see everything…and people are all too willing to dob you in to their own advantage every time.

6. This is a PLAY space and meant to be fun, but there will quite frequently be content that is graphic in nature – sexually and otherwise. STRONG TRIGGER WARNINGS apply to most Underground media and documents. It is up to you what you choose to expose yourself to. This is an R-rated LARP and we are as mindful as we can be of everyone’s triggers and issues. HOWEVER, there may still be rape jokes, murder jokes, paedophile jokes etc. These should only ever punch upwards, and we encourage anyone who has been offended or triggered by these to contact the GM and voice their concerns. Posts that are deemed inappropriate it will be removed, and the individual who has posted the item will be contacted with an explanation. All Groupies and cast are expected to own their triggers and responses, and not make them everyone else’s problem, but conversely Groupies are also expected to check their own privilege to ensure that they are not punching down or contributing to another individual’s trauma and/or jeopardising their safety.

7. On that note, NO FEEDING. This is not a place to tell us about how your Uncle Vanja crept into your room one night. This is theatre not therapy and while all art has the potential to heal and the Underground is a safe space and a family, it is still not a psychiatrists lounge or your mother’s kitchen table. Private messages or discussions between members are of course allowed but we ask that you are mindful of everyone’s right to not have to listen to your issues. We also advise against masturbating yourself all over the page telling everyone how great or tough you think you are and how many partners you have, your sexual prowess, your experiences in your poly world and whatnot. Please also refrain from making inappropriate advances towards or comments about other members without their consent. We’re here for the game, we’ve seen it all and we’re not impressed. Posts of a personal nature, persistent attention seeking and blatant disregard of rules will be deleted.

8. DO try to interact and contribute to the discussions on this page. It exists to open the Underground world up to its fans and friends and give those who are so inclined a deeper understanding of our world, our game, our philosophy and our vision. Feedback is always welcome…questions and queries are encouraged – requests for certain media/documents are also allowed. You may not always get what you want, but no harm in asking. Sometimes you will get more than what you bargained for.

9. Groupies are welcome to create characters/personas for Underground events in order to interact with the Family and each other. We encourage roleplaying and will try to be onhand to help as required. Please note however that merely creating a character does not make you a part of the Underground storyline – there are strict requirements that need to be met before anyone is recognised as an official Underdweller, and once promoted you may be asked to alter your creation or change it completely depending on the needs of the game. As a general rule, all players must complete the 50 character questions  and send them to the GM for approval before actively engaging in in-character play and discussions with others. Once your character is finalised and approved, it will be added to the official Underground character list and you’re good to go. Further information and guidelines about creating characters can be found here.

10. Please remember that knowing someone out of character does not mean that you are familiars or friends within the Underground world – and vice versa, intimate knowledge of characters does not equate to real life bonds. Always remember what is real and what is not…and try not to let the emotions from the one bleed into the other. We would rather you call safety word than upset yourself or anyone else. It is also important not to confuse in-character knowledge with out of character research. Having read someone’s backstory or medical reports does not mean you can speak about them within the game as most likely that information would never have been made available to you.

11. Intimate sexual relationships between Undergroupies and Underdwellers/Cast/Performers are strongly discouraged. With the rise of the #metoo movement and growing awareness of the role of power and hierarchy within sexual assault and coercion situations, the Underground strongly discourages cast, crew and Underdwellers from becoming involved in sexual or kink relationships with all and any Groupies and/or audience members. Within such a setting, there is no guarantee that such relations are not the result of power coercion and/or manipulation, both of which are not allowed or tolerated within the Underground world. Any performers, cast or crew choosing to engage in sexual activity or relationships with Groupies or audience members will not be invited to perform again in our shows and will be recast as appropriate. Underdwellers will have to step down from their position and their roles will be recast, though they may continue within the Underground as a patron or Groupie moving forward. PLEASE NOTE that this does not include consensual kink/fetish play between players within the Underground world during our events and after-parties, as long as no sexual penetration is involved (which is illegal and shouldn’t be happening anyway). Underdwellers wishing to engage in kink and fetish play during events must first obtain permission from the GM or appointed production official for the evening to ensure that all parties are consenting and of sound mind and body. Please also note that these rules do not apply to existing Groupie relationships where one partner is promoted to Underdweller status after the relationship has developed.  Such situations will be carefully discussed and navigated with the GM and appropriate measures taken to keep everyone safe and ensure that no one is adversely affected. These rules also do not apply to past relationships with performers or cast/crew of the Underground that are no longer relevant or active.

12. The House safety word is GRAPES and can be used both during Underground events and/or on this page as the need arises. If you feel uncomfortable, have to bow out of a conversation or stop any form of play, please remember to use it. Discussions about boundaries and terms of play MUST be had before any players/groupies engage in kink/fetish related scenes or activities. All players must complete the Official Boundaries post on the Undergroupies page prior to playing at any Underground event.

13. All intellectual property and any media within these pages remains the copyright of Natalie Ristovski and the Burlesque Underground unless otherwise cited. Please do not repost any of the documents or photos elsewhere without written permission of the author/owners. Please be mindful of what you post here as once your characters become part of the Underground world, they are Underground property unless otherwise agreed to with the Games Master. These characters and names/titles cannot be utilised for other games, events or performances without express permission from the copyright owner.

14. These terms and guidelines are subject to change without notice.Please remember to check in on occasion to ensure that you are well informed of proper and up to date procedures.

Once again we’d like to welcome you all to our world and thank you for joining the fun.

Let the games begin.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Copyright © 2019. Natalie Ristovski.

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