Newsflash! Body found Dismembered in Olinda!

Thursday 23rd June, 2016. 2.15am.

In the months that followed our last report on the brutal slaying of Kili Ink, and the subsequent charging of social tycoon Vernon Lytton with the heinous crime, it seemed that the story was over and the case stitched up.

However, reports of the leaking of confidential documents allegedly belonging to the late Professor Kreutz have just surfaced, throwing doubt upon the validity of the charges against Mr. Lytton and the circumstances of his suicide.

Details are still sketchy, but sources claim that the documents, including medical transcripts and reports spanning decades, refer to an undercover cover up conspiracy and a still active pedophile ring within Australia, and name not only Mr. Lytton, but a host of high profile public figures as well – including socialite Lyra Monére and billionaire playboy Jasper Baelian Black.

Just what secrets these documents contain is anyone’s guess at this stage, but there are those who suggest that Ms Ink’s murder, Lytton’s suicide and even the sudden death of Professor Kreutz are all part of the same puzzle.

More as it develops.

Wednesday 27th January, 2016. 4:30pm.

Melbourne’s social set were left reeling this afternoon amidst reports that formal charges had been laid posthumously on Vernon Lytton, recently deceased fiancé of Lyra Monére, for the murder of local woman Kili Ink.

Ms Ink was discovered brutally slain in the hills of Olinda in early November last year. Her body had been mutilated and defiled both prior to and following her death, with limbs and head severed. DNA found at the scene of the crime, originally thought to be that of Underworld kingpin Grigori Katorga, has since been revealed as belonging to Mr Lytton.

A spokesperson for the Monére family stated this evening that Ms Monére was obviously shocked and devastated by the news, and was choosing to remove herself from the public eye for a time in order to grieve properly. However, eyewitnesses claim to have seen the young socialite mere hours earlier at Vue De Monde in the company of notorious billionaire Jasper Baelian Black. “They were laughing, joking and flirting, having a wonderful time. Hardly appropriate behaviour for a grieving widow and a young man with a wife and new baby.” Mr Black, as many well know, is no stranger to tragedy himself, having suffered the loss of his father to suicide during his late youth, which had allegedly been carried out with the young man in the room. “If anyone is going to be able to comfort Lyra during this tough time…it will be Jasper,” a royal watcher and close friend of the family stated, “He knows all about loss…and understood how in love Vernon and Lyra were…”

Very little is known about the man Vernon Lytton. A seeming nobody who had come into a small fortune in his late twenties, Mr Lytton blazed onto the public scene in mid-2015 when he announced his engagement to the heir to the Monére empire. Sponsored by his benefactor, renowned clinical psychiatrist Friedrich Eugene Kreutz (winner of the prestigious Wolf Award for his work with wartime refugees and orphans of war), Mr Lytton at once became the darling of the Melbourne social set, hosting lavish and highly exclusive parties in secret locations the world over.

Yet his fairytale proved to have a dark ending…for in December 2015 Mr Lytton took his own life, leaving a hastily scrawled suicide note that led the Victorian homicide squad to some of the missing remains of Kili Ink. The contents of the note also allegedly held a confession for Ms Ink’s murder, along with a vague reference to certain psychological ‘treatments’ that had driven him to the act.

Police have yet to comment, but sources claim that further investigations are now underway into Mr Lytton’s past, with the first port of call being his long-time mentor and therapist, Professor Kreutz.

 Maybe he will be able to shed some light on Mr Lytton’s psychosis.

More as it develops.

Thursday 7th January, 2016. 1:03am.


Victoria Police this evening issued a statement that has shocked royal watchers and high society enthusiasts Australia-wide.

New evidence in the Kili Ink murder has revealed that Mr Vernon Lytton, recently deceased fiancé of socialite Lyra Monére, was the last person to come into contact with Ms Ink’s body before she was found on 11th November, 2015.

The report did not go into detail, but one anonymous officer was quoted as saying that the evidence was ‘the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen.’ Inside sources speculate that the new DNA was found not on the parts of Ms Ink’s body already held in evidence, but on her severed head, which was allegedly discovered by detectives in Olinda over the weekend. When asked whether the DNA found was of a ‘sexual persuasion’ Victoria police refused to comment.

Mr Lytton, most recently causing a scandal at the Black Family’s end of year party with a pantomimed theatrical shooting, took his own life just before Christmas, mere days after faking his own death onstage.

His widow and betrothed, Lyra Monére, has as yet been unavailable to make a statement to police and is not taking our calls.

Business associate and friend of the Family Jasper Black today expressed his gravest condolences to Ms Monére and asked that the media and fans keep a respectable distance from her in the difficult times that lay ahead.

More as it develops.

Thursday 31st December, 2015. 12:15am.

It’s been over one month since the last report on Kili Ink’s murder, and the trail seems to have gone cold.

Local kingpin Grigori Alec Katorga was earlier today cleared of all charges, following a statement by billionaire playboy Jasper Baelian Black which provided a sound alibi for the local mob boss’ whereabouts at the time of Ms Ink’s brutal slaying.

A spokesperson for Mr Katorga claimed that his employer now considered the matter ‘settled,’ but would not be pursuing legal action against the Victoria Police homicide squad. “Mr Katorga understands that they were just doing their job and is happy to cooperate with any further investigations,” he said.

Mr Black, previously a suspect himself, reiterated Katorga’s sentiment and offered every resource available to aid in the solving of the heinous crime.

In seemingly related news, reports from local law enforcement in Mt Dandenong are now placing former associate of Black Family Inc. Mr Vernon Dream Lytton at the scene of the crime on the night of Ms Ink’s murder.

 Mr Lytton has yet to be available for comment.

More news as it develops. 

Monday 23rd November, 2015. 5:35pm.

The city of Melbourne is reeling today after an anonymous Twitter post, said to contain information leaked by a Victoria Police informant, named underworld figure Grigori Alec Katorga as the DNA match to the blood left at the Kili Ink murder scene.

A spokesperson for the Katorga Family said that Mr. Katorga was out of the country on business and was unavailable for comment.

More news as it develops.

Sunday 22nd November, 2015. 11:45am


Blood samples found at the scene of the Como Cottage Slaughter are said to have been identified as someone’s other than victim Kili Ink.

Despite the implemented cone of silence that has fallen over Victoria Police, an insider this morning leaked allegations that the identity of the second person at the scene was someone already know to law enforcement.

“Oh they know him alright…how could they not?”

More news as it develops

Saturday 21st November, 2015. 10:45pm.

In a bizarre twist, the Como Cottages in Olinda have been dragged into the Kili Ink murder case.

Owners of the luxury cottages were horrified to discover what amounted to the scene of a slaughter upon their property late this afternoon.

Neighbours claim that they heard a commotion on the site of the popular weekend retreat at about 4pm this afternoon. Upon inspection they found a cleaning woman on the premises quite beside herself.

The woman (who cannot be named for legal reasons) claimed to have arrived at the Como Cottages shortly before 5pm to conduct her weekly cleaning duties.

“It’s usual for me to stop in once holiday goers have checked out just to clean up in preparation for the next visitors…”

What she found, however, was slightly more than your average mess.

“There was a car with a smashed window in the driveway, there was blood inside it and all over the gravel near the drivers seat door…and the smell…it was sickening…”

Forensics confirmed the blood to match the DNA of the murdered Melbourne woman Kili Ink. Hair and skin samples taken from the car also match that of Ms Ink.

The Cottages are rumoured to have been rented the day of Kili’s gruesome murder, with funds being laid down for an entire week in advance.

“The young gentleman who paid the security deposit was adamant that he did not want to be disturbed all week…he said he was creating  history. I thought he was a writer…” Como’s owner claimed, “How could I have know what would happen…”

Reports indicate that the Maserati found on the scene was also registered to Kili Ink.

Tempers are flaring at Victoria Police’s seeming incompetence at securing even a legitimate suspect for the crime…with some claiming that the entire investigation has been corrupted by those with the means and the money to buy the silence of law enforcement.

More as it develops.

Friday 13th November, 2015. 6:15pm.

Shocking revelations regarding the Kili Ink murder scandal were revealed this afternoon, with eyewitnesses claiming to have seen Ms Ink driving through the hills of Olinda just hours before her demise.

A shaken attendant at a nearby petrol station claims to have spoke to Ms Ink at approximately 7:45pm on Tuesday 10th November, 2015. “She told me she was meeting someone very special,” the man, who did not wish to be identified, told “She was really excited and nervous, a little edgy, if you know what I mean…”

Leaked coroners reports have now revealed the true extent of the horror that the 30 year old young woman suffered on that fateful night.

“She was drugged…raped…both before and after death…someone carved her up pretty bad and hacked off her limbs. God knows where her missing arms, leg and head are…” a source said.

Police are still appealing to the public for any information that will lead to an arrest.

More as it develops.

Thursday 12th November, 2015. 2:00pm.

Police have confirmed the body of the woman found on the Half Hell Hole jogging trail as belonging to one Killi Ink of Melbourne, aged 30.

Witnesses have come forth claiming that the young woman was an avid fan of the notorious Black Family’s Underground and it is alleged Ms. Ink had arranged to meet one of the family members the night that she was murdered.

More news as it develops.

Wednesday 11th November, 2015. 9:30pm.

AN unidentified woman’s body was found in Olinda early this morning.

Joggers on the popular Half Hell Hole running track were given a wake-up call they were not expecting as a group of ladies from the ‘Mums with Bubs’ jogging club discovered the mutilated and dismembered body of an unidentified female discarded in the overgrowth.

Lindsay McGrath, founder and ‘head mum’ of the group, told reporters that they had been out on their “usual early morning gossip gaggle when one of the newer mums, Janine, noticed something amiss in the grass.”

Upon inspection the women were horrified to see that it appeared to be the body of a young female, aged between 26 and 35.

“It was hard to tell what it was at first, it was all torn up and flies were everywhere. But all of a sudden women were screaming that it was a body and someone fainted, Janine threw up…it was really awful.”

An unfortunate end. The young woman is yet to be identified.The as yet unnamed female was missing both her arms, one leg and her head. Her torso was covered in scratches and bite marks…and someone had carved the words ‘All I care about is love’ in her rear. Preliminary autopsy reports indicate that the woman had most likely been drugged before death and sexually assaulted post-mortem.

Police are calling for any witnesses to come forth.

More news as it develops.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Copyright © 2015. Natalie Ristovski.

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