My Favourite Game – July 2016

“This is not a case of lust, you see…it’s not a matter of you versus me…I’m losing my favourite game…you’re losing your mind again…” - The Cardigans

Asinoe pulled into the parking lot of Oakleaf and turned off the engine. In the buzzing silence that followed she examined the grey exterior of the stone fortress before her.

-Ok. Let’s do this.-

Clutching her keys a little too tightly she slipped out her car and strode to the double glass doors. The nurse behind the front desk was an extremely dour looking women with pursed lips. Her expression, when she ran her dishwater brown eyes down Asinoe’s tailored burgundy silk blouse and black leather Armani skirt, tightened until it got to her 6 inch Louis Vuitton stiletto heels. At this she paused, a small light flickering in her gaze for a brief instant, but all too quickly the admiration faded and jealousy twisted her face into an ugly frown.

"Anything metal you must leave here," she snarled and Asinoe blinked at the woman before a charming smile graced her face, like an automaton coming to life.

"Certainly, Nurse...?"

"Janet," the woman said curtly and Asinoe made a mental note of the name before ridding herself of her keys and handbag - for ‘contraband reasons,’ the nurse told her. She signed in and printed her name as instructed, confirming that she’d read all the ‘safety and security’ information they’d sent her, a hand moving to her chest absently as she pressed the little metal pill pendant around her neck secretly against her skin.

The nurse moved to waddle down a long corridor and Asinoe followed the woman when she was finally allowed through. A few quick twists and turns, and an ominous march beneath a sign proudly declaring that they were in the ‘Braidleigh Wing,’ and they arrived.

The door before them had a small viewing window – currently covered over – the name tag beside it proclaiming ‘Black’. Asinoe blinked and stood patiently as the nurse handed her a small device with a red button.

"Press it when you are ready to go…or if there’s a problem."

She didn't wait for a reply, swiping the security card clipped to her uniform through the lock.

"You have 1 hour," she said as the door beeped, then turned and left to trundle back down the hallway.

Asinoe’s smile slipped from her face like water and left it smooth and blank. Underneath her shirt her heart started beating faster and she felt herself getting instinctively wet.

-Damn you-

Ignoring her physical reactions to what her body knew was behind the door she pulled it open and stepped inside, letting it click shut behind her.

"Well look at you with your fancy shoes..." came the drawled greeting.

He was sitting against the wall on the modest single bed, leaning back as if he hadn't a care in the world. His bare foot swung casually off the end of the mattress, the other leg drawn up against him.

"Yes, Louis Vuitton, which you already know…"

She smirked at him and walked to the chair positioned in the centre of the room, eying it carefully for residue of anything and, after brushing a hand over it, sitting down and crossing her legs.

"And here's me completely underdressed for the occasion…"

Her gaze flicked slowly over the light blue cotton trousers and the straightjacket they’d bound him in before moving upwards to his face. Someone had combed his hair back, and quite recently. He looked healthier than he had in a while...though his skin was still deathly pale, the dark circles beneath his eyes hadn't yet begun to fade and there was light bruising along his left brow bone.

Their eyes met and she felt something in the core of her jerk slightly. His head tilted as those blue eyes of doom stared into her, clear and bright. She grit her teeth.

"Charming place you've got here. Love the stark white on white look. Minimalist is so in right now," she teased softly, her gaze wrenching from his to take in the room briefly before skittering back to lock with his own.

He blinked slowly, watching her reaction to him as if he knew exactly what she was feeling, something akin to a smug glimmer dancing behind his eyes. He shifted against the wall, flexing within the straightjacket uncomfortably, then smiled prettily at her.

"What can I say? I'm a slave of fashion..." he paused, eyes widening slightly as a light bulb went off in his head, "BASKING IN YOUR GLORRRYYYY" he finished, then collapsed into giggles, sniggering as he tried to compose himself, while clearly silently congratulating his own brilliance. His head fell forwards and his hair followed suit.

-So much for the neat hairdo-

"Very cute," she smirked at him, slightly taken aback, "You've fucked up your hair."

In one movement she rose and moved towards him, brushing his hair out of his face almost chidingly. He watched her silently, letting her fix his appearance without so much as a flicker of a lash and regarding her afterwards.

"Better?" he asked, a brow rising.

"Yes," she returned to her chair, her fingers tingling. She tilted her head and drew in a slow breath.

"How are you feeling, Baelian? You look...healthier."

That glimmer danced through his eyes again and he watched her intently.

"Do I just?" he asked, "It must be all the fresh air...and, you know, the not drugs."

Her lips tightened then quirked into a half smile, "I gave you what you wanted," she shrugged, "You could have taken me up on my offer to switch to Lyra's drugs at any time."

"And give up all that free torture? Please...I usually have to pay for that kind of thing..." came the reply, "You more than saltwater..." he sniggered, squirming against the restraints again and making a face, his toes flexing.

Asinoe gave a genuine smile, remembering.

"You’re so pretty when you cry under torture. I understand why you fetched such a high price…"

"Oooo that's mean..." he said, his eyes narrowing, "I imagine that would have hurt, you know...if I was there." The incorrigible smirk returned and he made a shrugging gesture within the straightjacket.

"No wonder Baelian feels the way he does about you. That's like a whole new level of cunt, that is. Touché."

Her heart dropped.


"I learnt from the best," she replied mildly, leaning back in her chair and watching him squirm in his confinement. “Should I be insulted?" she raised an eyebrow and pouted insincerely, her eyes glittering with malice, "I imagine you are THRILLED to be here yet again at his whim."

"Now now there's no need to get nasty pasty..." he sing songed, shaking his head, "It's not my fault you can't tell the difference between us and came here all sopping panties expecting a run-through with your boytoy. I called you here on good faith for a chat..." Jasper’s pleasant smile returned and he bat his eyes at her.

"It's not so bad in here. The nurses are very friendly. I find ways to pass the time. And with his holier than thou out of commission it's a lot easier to go poking around in his should see the file on you..." he let his mouth fall open in feigned shock, "...utterly scandalous."

"Get over yourself. My physical reaction has nothing to do with why I'm here. Their body chemistry is just inconvenient," Asinoe shifted and frowned slightly, getting control of herself and cursing her stupidity.

-Don’t let him play with you.-

She sighed and tried again.

"Why am I here?"

"Because I have a proposition for you, oh snarky one," he replied gaily with a grin, "I've been watching you from behind the curtain, so to speak, and I think you've got potential. You're much more preferable to that bitch Alina I figure we should work together before Lyra succeeds in her plan to get rid of you for him." He paused to let his words sink in, then added with a mock pout, "So does that mean we don't get to go for it and scratch the chemical itch? I'm gutted."

"You're confined..." Asinoe purred, taking a moment to tease him before the smile melted from her face and she eyed him coldly, "I'm listening."

Something dark flickered behind his eyes at her flirting and his jaw tightened, but it was gone seconds later and the cheerful cherub smile returned.

"While I imagine you're still having a wonderful time with your manmeat, the river is gonna run dry eventually and you'll be getting bored sooner rather than later...if he hasn't annoyed the fuck out of you with his whining already..." Slowly Jasper's smile faded and he gazed at her intently, "I imagine you know that I've been hounding Lyra to get on this whole assimilation bent, to make me a real live whole boy, as it were. I want you to help me convince her."

"Oh I don't know, I discovered a new use for his weakness which I didn't expect..." Asinoe leant forward, her tongue touching her lips unconsciously, "It's a bit of a turn on when he cries." Sitting back again, she toyed with a button on her blouse, "Right now he's mine. The crybaby, the violent Dom. All mine. If you become whole and I lose him...well, let's just say you being exclusive with Bella is not going to work for me…" she paused and studied him, "So what's in it for me?"

A brow rose and Jasper smirked, nodding. His eyes lowered to the button she played with, lips pursing as if he was trying not to laugh.

"Firstly, Bella and I have never been exclusive, I don't know where you got that idea from. Secondly...her interest at this stage is more in keeping us all separate anyway..." he almost lost his smile at that...almost, “And don’t tell me the tears haven't already gotten old. You forget I can watch you two whenever I like...and I hate to be the one to break it to you...but no matter how much you love your precious action-man, you won't be around to enjoy him if Lyra gives him what he's been begging her for incessantly since he got here. Your number is up darlin' unless I convince her otherwise."

"Truthfully the tears are starting to bore me. The weakness is irritating to say the least," Asinoe admitted, frowning at him, "You have no interest in me, you never have…I am not some side dish, I'm a main course and you don't operate that way so forgive me if I am loathe to lose my place…and Lyra..?" She smiled secretly, "She is not as smart as she thinks she is. I have insurance. She can't switch me out. Alina is never coming back,” she watched him carefully, “So where does that leave us?"

Jasper stared at her for a long moment, his expression unreadable...and then he began to laugh. His head fell back as mirthful chuckles racked his form, those bright blue eyes widening and filling with tears of amusement.

" think think the Professor actually did what he said he did?" he hollered, cackling, "Are you...oh God you're serious."

All at once and suddenly the laughter stopped, his keen eyes fixing on her as he tilted his head.

"Sorry to burst your bubble precious, but good old Friedrich lied. Alina has been popping out all over the place. I've seen her. HE'S seen her. She ain't gone nowhere..."

-Oh…fuck you-

The words hit her like a tonne of bricks. Alina…alive? And taking over her fucking body when she wasn’t looking?

-You son of a bitch-

For a moment she just glared at him, then her ire rose and she stood abruptly.

"Do not laugh at me, you bastard," she hissed, her hands shaking. She walked away from him trying to control the rage that coursed through her. The desire to rip her nails down his face and tear his flesh was so strong that she could almost smell the blood. She toyed with the small beeper in her hand and considered pressing it and leaving him to his lot.

-No. Not yet. Be smart-

Turning her back on him she took several deep breaths before she turned around again, somewhat more composed.

"So essentially, I help you merge so you can be a ‘real boy’ and in return you convince Lyra to not bring back Alina? What makes you think I’ll stay now that I know I'm not safe? I have more than a little desire to just leave you to your mess, though I highly doubt with Baelian gone Alina would be needed or wanted anyway. Your proposition leaves me severely underwhelmed in incentives, Jasper."

He shrugged, ignoring her outburst as if completely unfazed by her ire.

"So leave then. Take that tight little booty of yours and run away if you think you can..." he smiled at her evenly, "But it's my body too you know, I know what it feels like, his addiction to you...I'm willing to bet that it's the same for you as well sugarplum."

For the first time since she'd entered the room, he let the veil drop from his eyes, his lashes fluttering as a dangerous desire filled cobalt hues, and a darkness she’d seen only once or twice before…

"I don't imagine my desire to rape you half to death will diminish much once I'm whole...if anything I'd guess that you might find a new edge to sharpen your fangs on..." he blinked the shadows away, shrugging again, "But hey, if you wanna call my bluff and fly the coop be my guest. Just understand that you won't be getting that Baelian fix of yours ever again if you do. He won't let you near him now...not willingly..." a slight pause, "...but I could always, you know, let you borrow him for a few minutes if you like. He IS confined, after all..."

A thrill of desire seared through her and she averted her eyes from his heated gaze. It annoyed her how perfectly he baited his hook, getting to her desires with a snap of his fingers.

-Too clever by half- she thought.

He was right, though. She would never leave…her addiction to him was insatiable and she’d already tried and failed to quench it with others. She’d nearly gone mad in England, and since he’d been locked up here she had started having nightmares again and couldn't sleep.

-And you trust him?-

She eyed Jasper thoughtfully. There was no guarantee he would be true to his word when he merged, no guarantee he would feel the same chemical pull she felt for him once he became one person…no guarantee at all that he would want to touch her.

-Hardly. But what choice do we have now?-

Asinoe knew the truth…there was no way she could leave without seeing the end result, the creature he became. He had her and he knew it.

"Fine," she said shortly, "I'll help you."

"Oh goody," Jasper said, his face brightening as he gave her a genuine smile, "I'm sure we can work this to our advantage." For a long moment he watched her thoughtfully, his gaze trailing the length of her stylishly dressed form as that predatory look returned to his eyes.

"So your hour’s not up yet," he crooned at her coyly, his expression completely devilish, "Anything else I can do for you? I mean, you know, as a show of solidarity, so to speak..." his smile turned darker and he leaned towards her, "Do you want him?"

Asinoe fought the urge to claw his eyes out, choosing instead to smile charmingly and flutter her lashes.

"No thank you, Jasper. Conjugal visits are not allowed…" she rose and turned to leave, turning the small beeper over in her hand, "Goodbye."

She made it to the door and almost sighed with relief, her hands shaking with the effort it took to not take him up on his offer.

-Press the button Asinoe-


The word came as a gentle and almost frightened whisper from behind her, hesitant and soft. She jolted, her gaze drawn instinctively back to him, her teeth gritting as she shuddered. His head had fallen forward, his dark hair veiling his face and eyes, and he was swaying unsteadily on the bed as if he would topple to the floor at any moment.

-Son of a bitch-

" that you...Alina..?"

There was a tremor in his voice, an almost childlike whine, frightened and pleading. It set her teeth on edge. That plaintive tone asking for her parasite…she couldn’t stand it.

-God damn you, Baelian-

Dropping the beeper to the floor, Asinoe swooped around and descended on him, grabbing his hair roughly and forcing him to look at her. The chemical reaction was almost instantaneous, the moment her hand slid into his dark locks she felt the warmth inside her increase and he moaned, his blue eyes fluttering as his face turned towards her forearm.

It was fascinating and intoxicating, the way that simple skin on skin contact prompted such responses. In seconds he was trembling, warm breath against her wrist as he inhaled her, her tight grip on his hair prompting a series of ragged gasps, bleary blue eyes widening as they unfocused and refocused, drinking her in a sip at a time.

-You're losing your control- her mind hissed at her, the muscles in her arms shaking with effort as she tried to force herself to pull away from him.

-I don’t care-

She couldn’t do it. She just didn't have the willpower. With a quiet moan she pressed her face against his, smearing her red lipstick across his cheek and drawing in his scent. Baelian’s body jolted at the touch of her lips and his face turned automatically, his tongue snaking out to lick her ear as his mouth inched towards her neck. He was shaking, a soft mewling sound escaping him as he fought his restraints, his face burrowing into her skin. A sob fell against her flesh, those lips of his parting…and then he bit her, hard.

“Oh….” she gasped, yanking his head to one side and pushing him onto his back, manoeuvring his body as she climbed up onto the bed and straddled him. He went easily where she led, those long lashes fluttering at her, a frustrated groan escaping him. Asinoe arched her back in pleasure at the familiar contact before leaning forward and staring into those blue eyes. Baelian looked back up at her, a myriad of emotions dancing through his gaze before she laughed and kissed him roughly.

Bewilderment. Recognition. Fear. Desire.

-Yes my crybaby, it’s me-

He kissed her back, an angry and helpless moan falling between them as he thrust his body hard against her and she writhed in response. Like a serpent with a mind of its own her hand snaked between them, fumbling at his cotton trousers and moving her panties aside. Baelian's expression changed instantly, his features contorting in fear as those sorrowful eyes widened and a protest sounded in his throat. His body, of course, responded as it always did, hips arching against her seeking the wet warmth that offered oblivion and release.


They fit together so perfectly, the one inside the other, she didn’t understand why he felt the need to fight it so much.

-Stubborn little crybaby.-

Asinoe’s eyes fell to the straightjacket and instinctively her fingers moved to undo it…but she hesitated when she saw the look on his face, her hands straying to tangle in his hair again instead.

"Whore..." he hissed at her, fear giving way to anger and hatred the second she tightened her grip. His tears fell unbidden, automatically…they were hers whether he wanted to give them or not. His kisses, those he gave freely, snarling against her lips and trying to bite her tongue even as he devoured it.

"Mmm, so are you…my sweet Baelian," she cooed at him, biting him just as hard and throwing her head back, riding the waves of pleasure that coursed through her with each movement of her hips, “So are you…”

Baelian writhed helplessly beneath her, baring his teeth and trying to bite any part of her that dared come too close. The anger and disgust in his eyes was a sight to behold, blue depths blazing with an expression that clearly said he would kill her if given half the chance.

And yet, beneath it, that constant addiction and need remained, glistening in his tears and whispering that no matter what he said or did, he was hers.

“Mine…” she moaned, her nails dragging down over his chest, fingers finding purchase on the straightjacket as she clung to him and thrust harder. When he didn’t answer, she glared at him, one hand moving around his neck, her icy eyes narrowing.

“Say it,” she panted, slowing her movements and digging her claws into his flesh. Baelian refused to respond, except to clamp his mouth shut and glare at her, his lashes fluttering with each rock of her hips.

-Oh no, I don't think so-

Staring at him for a moment, Asinoe’s features melted into a sweet smile, her hand rising to carefully pull the small metal pendant out from beneath her blouse. Baelian froze at the sight of it and Asinoe stopped moving as well, staring down at him as her chest rose and fell with rapid breaths.

“Do you want it?” she whispered. Baelian blinked and shook his head vehemently. Perking a brow, Asinoe wriggled her hips, causing his body to arch in response. Her mouth fell open and she moaned softly, wriggling again.

“Are you sure, Baelian?”

His eyes closed tightly, his face crumpling as it turned away from her. Clicking her tongue, Asinoe unscrewed the pendant, plucking out the little blue pill inside and leaning over him.

“Bayleeeeeeannnnnnn…” she crooned, her hips rocking back and forth slowly, her free hand moving to his face as she traced an errant tear with her fingertip, “Open your mouth and take your medicine…”

He sniffled, moaning at her movements and shaking his head again. Asinoe mewled at him, nuzzling into his neck, trailing little kisses over his jawline and chuckling.

“Mine…” she whispered again. He whimpered in response and she licked his salty cheek, intoxicated by his helplessness. Again her hand went to his hair, fingers gripping silken strands tightly as the thrust of her hips became more insistent. She twisted her wrist, turning his face to her.

And Jasper stared up at her.

Asinoe didn’t know how she knew it was him, perhaps it was the dark glimmer behind his gaze, or the tiniest quirk of his lips…but she knew. A strangled sound of annoyance and anger sounded in her throat, her nails raking down over his cheek before she could stop herself, drawing blood. He hissed in response, lips curling into a smirk moments later as he arched his body up and against her, meeting her with equal fervour.

-You fucking smug little bastard. I’ll kill you-

He moved beneath her again, eyes widening as her hand clamped once more about his throat. His lips parted and he stuck out his tongue obediently, cobalt hues gazing at her.

Blinking, Asinoe sat up slowly, biting back the moan that threatened to escape her. Their bodies moved of their own accord, dancing the dance they knew so well, no matter who was driving. Narrowing her eyes and tilting her head, she brought the small blue pill up, holding it between her thumb and forefinger and raising an eyebrow at him. Blinking back, Jasper merely waited with his mouth open until she dropped it onto his tongue, his throat flexing beneath her grip as he swallowed it. Her hand slid up to cover his mouth, fingers clutching his jaw as she leaned closer again. The darkness in his eyes intensified, his tongue snaking out to lick at her fingers before he bared his teeth.

She slapped him, hard, yanking his head back by the hair and clamping her own teeth down on his throat before he could react or resist. He laughed and struggled against his restraints as she bit her way across his flesh, her tongue moving to lick at the blood on his face.

“That the best you’ve got?” he drawled at her and she chuckled, digging her nails into his neck and dragging them down roughly. The primal growl that it elicited almost sent her over the edge, her body shuddering as she gripped his hair tightly and crushed her lips to his. Someone bit someone else…the rusty taste of blood filled her mouth and he laughed again.

“When I get out of here…” he snarled at her, “I’m going to fuck you until you bleed…A-sin-o-e…” he bit down on her lower lip and she shrieked.

It was enough. Her orgasm ripped through her violently…offering a bittersweet release that she’d not felt for weeks. Jasper chewed on her shoulder, the sudden and unexpected stab of pain serving only to heighten her pleasure, her cries dragging him over the edge not long after her. He buried his face in her neck and growled, shuddering beneath her as he succumbed to his own end.

It was some time afterwards before either of them moved, their panting breaths slowing and matching. Blinking, Asinoe extricated herself calmly, readjusting his clothing and her own and reaching out instinctively to smooth back his hair. He said nothing, merely watched her, his body trembling…no doubt as much from the sudden dosage of ambrosia as the aftermath of their activities.

-Well then-

Sliding off the bed and retrieving the metal vial of her pill pendant, she screwed it in place, her eyes suddenly scanning the room, a brow lofting as her gaze fell upon the small security camera on the far wall. She frowned, lips parting.

“Already taken care of,” he murmured, sitting up slowly and shifting to lean back against the wall as he had been when she’d arrived. Asinoe pursed her lips and nodded, studying him intently for a moment longer. He stared back at her, that swirling darkness behind his eyes speaking volumes without a word, his lips parted with ragged breaths.

Licking her lips and swallowing, Asinoe moved towards the door, picking up the small beeper.

“I believe we have an accord, Mr Black,” she said coldly, turning it over in her hands and pressing the button. She threw the creature on the bed a tight and formal smile, which he returned with his usual coy grin.

“I believe so, Ms. Bellamantis,” he responded, tilting his head and watching as the door buzzed and opened. Asinoe lingered for a moment longer, staring at him thoughtfully, before she turned and stepped out into the hallway. It wasn’t until the door was almost shut behind her that she heard him call out in an amused voice that was wholly not his…

“Come any time, A-sin-o-e.”

She paused, her breath catching, giving the orderly in the hallway a tight smile before heading off towards the exit, ignoring the uncomfortable yet satisfying wet warmth between her thighs.

Ducking into the guest bathroom, she studied her flushed and dishevelled appearance in the mirror, smoothing down her hair and wiping away the slight smears of blood on her chin. The bite marks on her neck and shoulder were already beginning to bruise…

-Come any time…-

Exhaling loudly, Asinoe shook her head, then laughed, staring at her reflection.

-The game has changed again-

“Right…” she said to herself, a brow perking, “New plan, then.”

Written by Cassee Maliepaard and Natalie Ristovski.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2016. Natalie Ristovski.

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