More than Life: The Many Loves of Jasper Baelian Black

playboy - /pleiboi/ (noun) A wealthy man who spends his time enjoying himself, especially one who behaves irresponsibly or is sexually promiscuous.

It is a running joke, amongst the nearest and dearest of the Black Family – Jasper need only look at a woman to get her pregnant. Funny…but not really, for all jokes contain a grain of truth, however small…and in this instance one would be forgiven for believing it completely.

Indeed, over the years the billionaire playboy has been linked to many a starlet and soap opera star – his famed appetite for sex and debauchery borders on criminal at times, and more than once his minders have had to herd hysterical or crazed men or women from his door as they scream and wail ‘but he told me he LOVED me!’

Within Jasper’s world, the word love can and has meant many things…and while tabloids are rife with tattles on his public affairs with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Baby Spice and Vanilla Ice…accounts of his more personal relationships have always been sketchy. Until now.

So, sit back and down a bourbon (or ten) as we take you on an insiders journey into the lives and loves of Jasper’s most sordid and intimate connections…from the fanciful and fantastic to the downright frightening. You have been trigger warned accordingly.

Bella ‘Betsy’ Jade Black

Born to a heroin addict mother and an absentee father, ‘Betsy’ grew up on the streets. A victim of abuse and alleged child prostitution, she was discovered playing in the gutters at 8 years old by a 20 something year old Jasper, who had been wandering the alleys drunk and high on cocaine, trying to drum up the courage to blow his own brains out. Enchanted by the little girl with a missing sock and ‘a scowl that could frighten away any man,’ he asked for her name. She replied by kicking him in the shins.

Unperturbed, Jasper ascertained the whereabouts of Betsy’s mother and, after paying her a lengthy visit during which the woman offered him her daughter’s ‘virginity,' the young billionaire laid down $50K and whisked the child away. Five days and a lot of pulled strings later, Betsy was officially adopted into the Black family and made Jasper’s legal ward.

Lavished with affection (and a somewhat stern and Nazi-esque parenting regime) and given only the finer things in life from then on, Betsy grew into a highly intelligent and dangerous young woman, fashioned in her adoptive father’s image. At 18 she was named legal heir to the Black Family fortune and, upon Jasper’s request that she choose a more ‘adult’ name for herself, began to call herself Bella Jade Black. Bella’s keen mind quickly saw her managing more and more of the Black Family Inc. business enterprises, and as Jasper’s health and mental state began to deteriorate she took upon the role of guardian and nursemaid, finally convincing him to give her Power of Attorney over him.

Keenly protective of her family and loved ones, Bella became the driving force behind the estate’s monetary affairs and enterprises…proving to be a formidable foe for any who would cross her or her kin. The only one who seemed able to break through her ice-queen exterior to hit her where she was vulnerable was Jasper, and most of her adult life was spent bickering, fighting and arguing with him over whatever PR nightmare he had dragged them all into that week.

As the years went by, the fiery and tempestuous pair’s connection deepened to something far more dangerous.


After a particularly bitter exchange in which Jasper mocked her for ‘not really being a Black,’ Bella left the family folds and disappeared for months, leaving a distraught and guilty Jasper behind. When she finally returned, she told him that she had found and killed her mother…and that she was in love with him. Three days afterwards, they were married in secret in Las Vegas, returning like a pair of giggling teenagers to a bewildered family. In the months that followed Jasper named Bella ‘Queen of the Underground’ and declared his undying dedication and devotion, come what may.

They remain married to this day.

Betty Dream-Black

Married to Jasper’s brother Jett Balthazar Black, Betty and Jasper have always been the best of friends. Having grown up at Jerald’s Fundays alongside her husband and brother-in-law, Betty was no stranger to the Black Family madness and, seeing an opportunity to better her situation in an alliance with Jett, pressed her advantage. Jasper was reported to have offered her $1million to call the wedding off but, always the pragmatist, Betty responded with ‘why take the cash when you can marry the cash cow?” and continued with her plans.

Outwardly a devoted and loving wife (she really is particularly fond of Jett and is rather attentive to his…particular needs), Betty survives the past on valium and wine, staggering through her days in a haze of drunken forgetfulness. Quite soon after her marriage to Jett she began a sordid and ongoing affair with her brother-in-law, inviting Jasper over for ‘cooking lessons’ once a month when Jett was away on business.

As a result, a few years after their marriage Betty bore Jasper a daughter, Bethany Belladonna Black, who was adopted by her husband and raised away from Jasper’s influences. In later years, when Jett drunkenly mistook his wife for the pool boy, she gave birth to her husband’s first child…a young boy named Jameison.

Through the years, with the help of Jasper’s constant supply of drugs and booze, Betty has remained an almost calming and maternal influence on her brother-in-law, offering comfort and sanctuary during the most difficult of times. She has told him more than once that he is the love of her life, and that while she may have married for convenience and not passion, she considers them ‘soul-mates’ and far above ‘all that legally binding crap.’ For his part, Jasper adores Betty and is highly protective of her…always ready to lend a hand (or some valium) when the need arises.

Bethany Belladonna Black

*trigger warnings apply – rape/incest*

Perhaps the most tragic and troubling of Jasper’s lovers, Bethany Belladonna Black was spawned of his illicit affair with his sister-in-law Betty Dream Black. The night she was born, an intoxicated Jasper was locked out of the maternity ward and forbidden access. Hours later, his brother Jett approached and told Jasper that in order to see his daughter he would have to sign a document naming Jett as Bethany’s legal guardian. Sign it he did, not realising at the time that Jett had added a clause preventing Jasper from having any contact with the child until she was 4 years old. The first and only time Jasper saw his baby girl was in the arms of his brother on the night she was born, through plate glass.

Under the care of Betty and Jett, Bethany grew into a spoiled and bratty young girl. Introduced to her ‘Uncle J’ at 4 years old, she immediately latched on to the man, feeling some unspoken connection that she had no hope of ever understanding. Raised within the walls of the Underground, Bethany watched how women and men fawned over Jasper and, having little knowledge of the sexual games of adults or the true nature of her paternity, deduced that she must be in love with him and that they were ‘meant to be together’.

Jasper, naturally, resisted – passing her infatuation off as ‘a childhood phase’ and trying to protect himself from his ‘nieces’ painful advances as best he could. By the time she was 8 years old Bethany had taken to trying to drug her Uncle into submission, slipping various narcotics stolen from Betty into his drinks at any opportunity. At 14 years old she finally succeeded, ostensibly using rohypnol to knock Jasper out before sexually assaulting him and coercing him into taking her virginity.

The years went on, Bethany taunting a horrified Jasper with threats of a repeat performance of their liason as she wound herself tighter around her Uncle J’s soul and conscience…until the day that a paternity test revealed that Jasper was her biological father. Then everything changed.

Thrown together in light of this newly public bond, Jasper and Bethany began to dance about each other in painfully sad attempts to try and connect as father and daughter, finding themselves unable to navigate the emotional minefield that lay around them. When Bella Jade left Jasper to find her mother, he fell into despair, his mental state deteriorating until the lines between reality and fantasy were blurred. It was then that he and 16 year old Bethany began their violent and twisted love affair…and not long after she bore him twins. Of course, legally Bethany’s children were signed to her ‘husband,’ Mr Nick…a long-suffering patsy and Bethany’s former English teacher, who was half blackmailed and half bribed by Jasper into a shotgun wedding the very day that Bethany’s pregnancy was announced.

Tragically, Bethany’s children were lost after an unfortunate fall from her father’s bedroom window on her wedding night (what she was doing with Jasper that night is open to speculation). Distraught by the loss of her babies, Bethany Black went into mourning and depression, seeming to grow up almost overnight. And Jasper, finally, was able to exert the control over her that he needed to.

These days Bethany can be found at her ‘Daddy’ Baelian’s side, following him about like an obedient shadow and, though still the eternal spoiled child and dangerous to anybody who is not her family, has taken to complying with any of her father’s requests to the letter (the most recent of these being her betrothal to Grigori Katorga). As far as anyone is aware, her obedience to Baelian also extends to his sexual appetites...and hers.

Asinoe ‘Alina’ Bellamantis

*HEAVY trigger warnings apply – rape/abuse*

Asinoe Bellamantis was thrown into Baelian Black’s world at 8 years old, near the very beginning of Jerald’s Fundays. Raped of her virginity by Baelian (coerced and instructed by his father of course), her mind immediately fractured and the creature know as ‘Asinoe’ disappeared, leaving the dangerous and violent ‘Alina’ in her wake.

From the very beginning both Jerald Black and Alina’s father Marcus Bellamantis were determined that their children would be bound together (in some cases literally), telling the two young ones that their great alliance would one day forge a new dynasty and a powerful future for both their houses. Baelian and Alina, however, would have none of it and for all intents and purposes hated one another. At least in the beginning.

Stuck in a world where they were little more than slaves to the perverse sexual appetites of the rich and bored, the two children created their own twisted alliance within Fundays, finding amusement in constant competition with and torture of each other. As the years went by they formed a close and dangerous bond of love and hatred in equal measure, their own sexual encounters extending beyond what was forced upon them by the adults into a perverse game of ‘tag’ that was never-ending. Clinging to each other, they became two parts of a whole…using one another as a sounding board, scapegoat and mirror for what they could not freely express to anyone else.

When she was 12, Alina bore Baelian a child, Lorelei, who was taken from them and allegedly ceremonially killed during a night they called the ‘Cherub’s Feast.’ Not long after that, Baelian’s mind fractured and left only Belladonna in his wake…and Alina was abandoned.

20 years later, a young woman named Asinoe Hardcourt Mirror came to the Underground looking for her sister ‘Alina,’ whom she believed had gone missing when they were children. She was swiftly employed as Jasper Black’s PA and formed a natural attachment to the charming yet troubled billionaire. Unfortunately her presence also triggered something deep within him, and as if summoned by his long lost counterpart, Baelian Black crept back into Jasper’s psyche.

Unwittingly dazzled and terrified by Baelian, Asinoe could not understand his violent fascination with her, nor her intoxication with him…which angered Jasper and made him jealous to no end. But one night, after an attack with a letter opener and threats of death sent Asinoe fleeing from the Underground…a spark of darkness ignited once more in her mind. Hunting down Marcus Bellamantis and demanding answers, she ultimately murdered him and lay claim to his fortunes.

When she returned to the Underground, she was Alina Bellamantis once more and, once she realised that she and ‘Asinoe’ were in fact fractures of the same personality, took her place at Baelian’s side. Bound together in an endless dance of lust, violence, dangerous obsession and intoxicating co-dependency...their game of tag continues.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2014. Natalie Ristovski.

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