I Hear You Screaming When You Sleep – November 2015

The semi-darkness pressed in around her, the kind of dark that envelops the places where there is no man-made light. The silver glow of the unobstructed moon hovered over the ocean, the silence of the night only broken by the sea hitting the shoreline.

Alina lay silently, listening to the settling of the house and Bethany’s soft, deep breathing on the other side of the room. Her eyes stared fixedly at the sprawled figure of Nikolai Katorga. Exhausted from his drug-fuelled sex marathon, Nikolai had passed out across her, an arm possessively draped over her stomach, his cheek resting on the soft flesh of her belly. He hadn’t bothered to untie her hands from the headboard and the ache in her shoulders was beginning to irritate her. She waited, eyes fixed on the sliver of face she could make out in the dark, peeking out from behind his long ebony fringe. His breath fanned hot against her naked skin and she held back a shiver of instinctual reaction.

She had been through so much with this man. These men.

She hadn’t really known Jasper - Cookie had already disappeared into Baelian by the time she’d been awakened at Fundays. Nikolai had come within a few years…and then Belladonna.

She shuddered.

Not you.

Now they had come full circle and she was once again left with Niki after Baelian had abandoned her. It didn’t matter to her that it had been unintentional…Nikolai Katorga was the stuff of her nightmares. Born in the throes of the most explicit violence expected of Baelian during his father’s Fundays, Niki had risen gleefully to the occasion, and Alina had learnt very quickly that the only way to survive him was to join him in his conquests…to prove herself an ally and accomplice.

She didn’t regret her decisions. As a child she had done what she could to keep herself and Baelian safe. What were a few lives to keep him happy and sated? She had shut off emotion and done what was needed.

Alina looked down in the darkness at the man that held so many conflicting personalities and let her thoughts wander to the only one she wanted.


He had softened her. Alina had come to the Underground at his summons, convinced that she could persuade him to leave with her and return to what they had been as children. He, of course, had other ideas and true to his character and conscience was determined to draw her into his quest to save everyone around him. Alina had very quickly seen that the only way to keep Baelian was to help him, and slowly his humanity had melted her walls of ice. She began to feel again; not just anger, spite, possessiveness and jealousy, but love, friendship and affection for the people that Baelian surrounded himself with, this ‘Family’ of misfits that she had started to care about.

Well they obviously didn’t care about you…they all left you. With him.

When Nikolai surfaced once again, in the wake of a revelation that she still had neither the heart nor emotional faculties to deal with, Alina found herself abandoned and expected to deal with the situation. With Niki, her melting walls were a liability…and though she had struggled to regain her composure as the monster re-emerged before her eyes, she could still only think of one thing.

Stay with Baelian.

Where he went, so would she. Always.

But this isn’t Baelian anymore.

Nikolai Alexei Katorga.

She’d been groomed to be his queen from the moment she was created. Their personalities were a compliment to each other, their childhood training and keen intelligence matched and designed by their families. Her heart of darkness was coaxed out of its’ corner by his black words. Niki knew exactly what to say to her to melt a different set of walls, the walls she had set up around her psychotic rage and sadistic tendencies…the perverted impulses that burned just below the surface, pushing against the membrane of her soul  and screaming to be set free and allowed to wreak chaos in the world.

Baelian had tamed her with his humanity; Alina was his darkness and he, her light. But Niki…Niki was the twin of her poisonous soul. Her light was gone, swallowed up by her perfect equivalent. And she was losing herself to him. Every time Niki touched her or spoke to her, she felt herself weaken.

Except when he was asleep. While he slept, she could rest and remind herself of who she was and pull back from the tempting darkness. She could remember the boy with the pretty blue eyes that whispered his love for her in the rain.

She stared down at him, watching for any sign of movement. She wanted Niki to sleep for a long, long time. She needed him to sleep.

He twitched in repose, his face crumpling suddenly and she smiled faintly.


“Alina…” he murmured fitfully, his eyebrows coming together and his throat working, “Lorelei… where?”

Her face softened as she watched Baelian desperately trying to claw his way through Niki’s unconscious state.

“I don’t want…no…stop…Alina…” he breathed as tears began to trickle out from under his closed lids, soaking her skin. Alina felt her eyes well up and tried push the tears away; she didn’t succeed and a few slid down her cheeks. She blinked them away hurriedly, pulling against her bonds and trying to get a little give, but Niki had tied them too tightly. She couldn’t move. She felt a few more frustrated tears slide down her cheeks and left them.

“Alina…” Baelian moaned, his mouth moving and his breath coming quickly, “Bella…Bethy…my babies…I can’t…” His face moved against her skin and he nuzzled into her stomach, breathing her in deeply. The tears falling from his eyes left long wet lines.

She stayed silent, her heart breaking as he moaned in distress, his eyelids fluttering and his fingers clutching at her skin.

“Baelian,” she whispered finally, unable to help herself in her need to comfort him. He stilled all at once and her heart froze.

Nikolai’s eyes flashed open and he looked up at her through his hair, his blue gaze glittering in the dark. He touched his fingers to his cheek and his face darkened with fury when they came away wet.

“What did he say to you?” he asked, his voice low and tight.

“He didn’t say anything,” Alina lied and shrugged, ignoring the pain in her shoulders, “He just cried.”

“Liar!” Niki hissed and grabbed her by the throat. His eyes slitted and he jerked with pleasure when Alina spasmed in reaction. Smirking, he nuzzled her neck, his body sliding up and covering hers. His tongue grazed the corner of her mouth, licking away her tears as his free hand forced its way between her thighs.

“He said my name,” she gasped out, a wave of stinging pleasure flooding her senses as her breath left and couldn’t return through her closed throat.

“And did you like that?” he whispered in a drawl, nipping her neck as she bucked instinctively underneath him against his hand. He tightened his grip and swallowed her moan with a kiss, her mouth opening as he flicked his tongue inside and slid his body between her legs.

Alina lost herself as her naked form arched upwards to meet him. His fingers released her throat and she gasped for air, letting it out again in a scream as he bit her right breast just above the nipple. He pulled on the skin and worried it with his teeth as she panted in agony and excitement. Across the room, Bethany mumbled and sighed in her sleep. Relaxing his jaw, Nikolai moved to kiss her again, harder. Alina could taste blood…he had broken her skin.

“Mine,” he hissed against her mouth, and shoved himself deep inside her.

“Yours,” she gasped out and closed her eyes, giving in.


Written by Chastity De Vice.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2015. Natalie Ristovski.

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