En Pointe - July 2016

Luna sat at the window seat, absently swirling her glass and listening to the clink of the ice, the cold of the glass window refreshing after her intense practise.

“Stronger. Stronger Lorelei, point, point!”

The words of her Ballet Madame were still ringing in her ears. This particular Madame really was better than any she’d had before, she couldn’t understand why Daddy hadn’t found her when she was younger.

-He's not your Daddy-

She sighed, pushing thoughts of him from her mind as she looked around the empty apartment, candles throwing light over how neat and tidy it was. She took in the lounge room; black tiles and dark, lush rugs.

Opium must have been bored again, she mused to herself, noting that all the books on the shelves and the CD’s on the rack had been ordered by colour rather than author or artist.

-The poor girl really must get out more.-

Luna stretched, her body already tensing from the workout, and placed her glass on the seat behind her, extending a foot towards the floor.

The cool, black ceramic felt lovely under her burning feet and for a moment she enjoyed the press of the tile against her sole. She walked past a mirror when she finally rose, catching a flash of her reflection. Turning, she studied herself silently.

-The eyes…the eyes I get from her but the pale skin...that’s his.-

She thought back to the last time she saw him- his face twisted in pain as he promised her he’d never hurt her, asking her to stay away from him just in case he did.

They were going to get lunch. They were going to go out like a normal father and daughter and spend the day together. They were going to do everything.

Before he was put away.

-No, before he put himself away.-

Luna had been thinking of going to see him, of calling Asinoe and asking her to organise a visit, but she still felt…she felt like a stranger to them both.

-So much for Family-

Stalking back to the window seat, Luna grabbed her glass and downed it in a swallow, storming back to the mini bar to pour herself some more. She downed the second glass as quickly as the first, breathing deeply through her nose and then out slowly through her mouth. She glanced towards the bench where she had left her phone.

Should she call Asinoe?

She wasn’t sure. When it came to Baelian, Asinoe often didn’t think clearly. She might well try to keep Luna away from him like she had last year...when…Niki…


Asinoe didn't even have the authority to stop her anymore. It was time to call her.

She had been so lovely to Luna previously, but something was wrong lately, something wasn’t as it had been…everything and everyone was changing.

-It doesn't matter. I need to see him.-

Steeling herself, Luna crossed to the bench and picked up the phone, punching in the speed dial and listening to it ring apprehensively.

Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring.


Her heart flip flopped and she took another deep breath, her voice calm and measured when she finally spoke.

“Lyra? It's Luna. I need to talk to you…I need to ask you for something…”

Written by Katie Karandais.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2016. Natalie Ristovski.

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