Carousel - August 2016

“Right when I'm near, it's like you disappear,

Where'd you go? My dear, you're a freakshow!

And it's all fun and games, 'Til somebody falls in love,

But you've already bought a ticket, and there's no turning back now,

Round and round like a horse on a carousel, we go…”

- M Martinez

Jasper's hand gripped the towel railing for support as he slammed Asinoe against the tiled wall of the bathroom. Teeth bit into her shoulder, gnawing muscle and flesh, his free hand hooking beneath her thigh in an attempt to keep her legs wrapped around him.

"And she actually apologised?" he sniggered into her ear, biting the lobe and growling, "Like...are you gonna be her bridesmaid now?"

Asinoe laughed, her hands tangling in his hair.

"I don't think we are quite there yet..." she grazed the exposed flesh of his neck between her teeth, "I think I'll throw her a bachelor party, get hookers, that kind of thing…" Pulling his head back so she could see his face, she met his heated gaze, "Anything you would like me to do now that she trusts me again?"

He bared his teeth and tried to bite her lips...falling short by barely an inch.

"A knife in the gut maybe?" he breathed, "I doubt that she trusts you...if she does then she's an idiot..." He moaned, hips bucking up against her, "But she's no threat...she never was..."

"Oh well," Asinoe smirked at his attempts to bite her, holding his face safely away by the hair, "Who cares anyway? She was friend to the puppet that the Professor created for Hardcourt...not my problem," her lips tightened and her mind wandered to her past before Jasper's impatient movements distracted her. She cried out, then kissed him hungrily.

"What a're so much more fun..." he giggled against her mouth, the thrust of his body becoming more rhythmic and pronounced, "And how...was your meeting...with our dear Doctor?" he asked through ragged breaths, "She gonna give me...what I want or what?"

"Lyra wants to see a matinee at some stage....she would be nice..." Asinoe tried her best to focus, but every time Jasper changed his angle she lost her train of thought, her body shuddering in impending orgasm.

"I'm sorry...what was that?" he smirked, a dark glimmer in his eyes as he watched her try to brain through the haze of lust. His amusement was so great that one could easily and fairly presume that he was getting off on her helplessness more than the sex act itself. Planting his feet firmly and slowing his pace, he studied her face, "Is this matinee before or after she makes me real?"

"Look..." Asinoe gasped, then scowled at him, her eyes snapping into focus, "I’ve done what I said I would…I went to her and pleaded your case….I said that it would be healthier for you to merge, that we had to stop thinking of ourselves and do what was right…I talked about Alina and what it was like to have a parasite constantly trying to take over your body...." she tilted her head in annoyance as the promise of orgasm ebbed away, “I gave her the reasons she needed, but Lyra has an uncanny ability to fuck things up while pursuing her own brand of good intentions…" She nipped the soft skin under his ear lobe, trying to draw him back into the task at hand, "How goes your progress convincing her not to bring Alina back?"

"Everything is proceeding...according to plan..." Jasper murmured, "Pretty soon...she'll forget that...Alina even...exists...and you…" he bit Asinoe’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around her, his words trailing off as he pushed away from the wall, stumbling a few steps before lowering her to the floor, "Baelian will just be a bad anecdote in your history of exes..."

Asinoe giggled, rocking her hips up to meet his as the slow warmth began again from within.  Now beneath him, she had more freedom and she used it, winding a hand in his hair as the other dragged down his back, her nails digging into the curve of his ass.

“Who says I’ll be an ex?” she purred at him, her sharp eyes narrowing. She yanked hard at his hair and bit his neck, feeling the flesh give under her teeth. Copper blood filled her mouth, her body jerking with suddenly elevated pleasure. Jasper reacted as expected, gasping and moaning at the pain, a delighted laugh falling from his lips, followed by a guttural snarl as he reciprocated and wrenched her head back by a handful of dark locks.

"Fucking whore," he growled at her, biting along her jawline, "They trained you well...whether or not you remember..." His blue eyes were heavy with desire as his movements slid her roughly against the black tiles. When he bit her again, clamping his mouth down on her breast, it seemed he wouldn't be happy until he'd torn her apart with his teeth.

"I'm remembering...bit by bit..." she gasped, arching beneath him as delicious pain shot through her body. She loved hurting him, loved the dangerous look in his eyes, the unpredictability of his retaliation. This man, this violent and sexual creature, was what her body craved…and he gave as good as he got, returning bite for bite, scratch for scratch, twisting her hair as if he were trying to rip it out.

"Mmm and you remember?" he panted in her ear, snarling as her nails tore his flesh and thrusting into her more violently in response. He gnawed on her neck, a hand slamming down on the floor beside her face. Asinoe turned, biting his thumb and laughing as he jerked back, slapping her hard. Her head struck the floor, a black haze momentarily clouding her vision, elevating her heartbeat and pushing her over the edge into climax. She cried out as her body shuddered its release, her hands winding tighter in his hair, anchoring her to him.

Jasper stopped all movement, watching her face as she came, his body trembling of its own accord as those narrowed blue eyes stared into her. Panting gasps fell from his lips as she shuddered and shook beneath him, and he twitched, seemingly denying himself the same pleasure that he’d afforded her. His features twisted almost in pain as she clung to him…but he let her have her moment, gripping her body beneath his until she was done before pulling away and rolling onto his back.

Asinoe sat up when he released her, a puzzled look on her face.

-And what’s wrong with you, now?-

Shrugging and dismissing the question, she pulled herself up off the floor, moving to the basin to wash her hands. What did she care if he didn't come?

"I have dreams," she said, studying herself in the mirror and smoothing her wayward hair, "Alina's memories come through...." she trailed off, thinking about the trigger Lyra had given her during their talk.


She glanced at Jasper in the mirror but said nothing about it, turning to face him as she leant back against the sink.

"As you are no doubt aware their chemical bond makes sleeping without nightmares almost impossible without one another. It may not have carried over for you, but I get a nightly dose. It's proving to be quite…informative."

He sat up, adjusting his clothing and scooting over to sit against the wall, fingers raking back his unruly hair as he watched her fuss over her appearance.

"Most of mine are locked away in the vault that is Baelian, so it's not an issue..." he told her, then tilted his head, "At least not yet, I'm assuming once we're all merged then I'll have quite the catalogue of home videos to choose from..." he paused, pondering, "How are plans going for my big party? I'm assuming the rsvp's are in and everything is sorted...this is gonna be an important night and I don't want it fucked up."

"Yes, your party is all in order…” she replied, “Cute theme, any particular reason you chose it?" Smiling playfully at him, she silently admired his tousled appearance. He always looked so attractive after a good fucking.

Cobalt hues glimmered and Jasper smiled at her, a hand rising to rub at the back of his neck, "Oh you know, the standard Oxford scholar’s symbolism...the tragic loss of childhood through the absurd and nonsensical...the ever-threatening shadow of impending death..." leaning his head back against the wall he winked, "Plus I like tea and it gives me the chance to wear red without the whole world freaking the fuck out..."

"Red..?" she trailed off, raising an eyebrow, "How is Niki by the way? As strong as he is, I'm a little surprised he’s not popping out and actively campaigning in the ‘don't merge me’ section along with Baelian. Lyra mentioned you’d already started assimilating the it just Belladonna, or has Niki also been lost?"

Jasper’s head tilted again, his smile widening.

"Oh Nikolai is around, he's working on Lyra for his own ends…he’s got this crazy idea that he can charm her into keeping us all separate..." he chuckled and shook his head, "Like that's gonna work..." After a moment he drew up his knees, resting his chin on them lightly, "How do you know how strong he is? You been seeing my fractures behind my back?" he asked with a wicked glint in his eye.

Asinoe laughed, "You're not going to start that again are you? ‘This is what you get for loving a psychopath,’ ‘I told you not to get involved with him’…" she studied him for a moment, remembering some of the last conversations they’d had before Baelian had completely regressed him, "Truthfully, I'm mostly going by what everyone else has said, and Alina's memories of him. I’ve met him once…and it was hardly a ‘getting to know you’ experience. Do you think he'll succeed?” she frowned, a hint of worry creeping into her voice, “Lyra is wavering and I imagine she wants any handhold to take the responsibility off her own shoulders. Can you outsmart him?"

Jasper’s lips curved into a wider smile and he chuckled.

"Probably not..." he admitted, "He's way cleverer than me and soooo handsome in his fancy clothes, plus everyone loves a bad boy...especially you..." words trailed off and he laughed again before springing up to saunter to the sink, pushing Asinoe out of his way and splashing water on his face. Smoothing back his hair, he flicked a few stray droplets in her direction before taking up a towel.

Asinoe studied him in the mirror, weighing up his words. His reflection gazed back at her, those luminous eyes filling with mischief and amusement as she tried to figure him out. Something in the back of her head started to pound, the feeling becoming more and more pronounced as she stared at him…like someone repeatedly throwing themselves against a glass window.

And then the window broke.

"Niki…" Alina purred, her stance shifting as she slunk into him, rubbing her body against his back like a cat. He recognised the change immediately, his chin lifting, a hand reaching back to curl around her briefly.

"Alya..." he crooned, whirling an instant later to clamp a hand about her throat, "You fucking traitorous bitch...come to try and tap me out again?" His free hand was up her skirt in an instant, fingers forcing their way inside her roughly.

Alina winced, then her lips curved at the invasion of her body, the familiar waves of lust and loathing crashing over her. She’d been designed for this creature’s pleasure, after all...her physical responses happened without thought.

"All... fun, Ivan...ushka," she pushed out of her constricted throat, her eyes slitting as her hands moved up his body, searching for skin. Nikolai kissed her, yanking her roughly around and shoving her back against the sink.

"Of course..." he snarled, "and here's you tapped out for the final round while your host body makes a sex slave out of your cry-baby..." he laughed, drawing back and slapping her hard, "How's captive life treating you? Can you see what she's done to him? Are you enjoying yourself?"

Alina reeled as she was hit, the hand on her throat not letting her fall far. She felt her cheek cut on her teeth, blood filling her mouth. Surging forward, she kissed him, forcing her bloodied tongue between his lips before drawing back and smiling.

"Baelian is getting along exactly as I expected. He never changes and his victim mentality makes the predators take advantage," she shrugged as if it didn't matter to her, "As for being locked away..." her mouth tightened, "You and Asinoe have gotten very cosy with your promises to keep me that way...are you sure you don't miss me?" her hips rose to meet his, causing them both to jerk instinctively. She hissed through her teeth, her pupils dilating with lust.

"Jealous are you?" Niki sniggered, his face twisting into a cruel smirk, "Maybe if you hadn't been so quick to get rid of me last time, it would have been you that I was getting cosy with..." His arms locked about her own so that she was pinned in his grasp, "...though I suppose I should thank you for abandoning your precious long enough for me to rise to the occasion, as it were..." he thrust his hips forward roughly, licking her face, "Of course…you know me, I'm hardly emotionally attached to that slut that drives your wanna make me a better offer? I'm listening..."

"Not jealous, just interested," Alina purred against his cheek, instinctively moving her body against his, "At least you won't have to drug her to keep her complacent. She'll do whatever you tell her to. I would be way more fun...and challenging…"

Nikolai seemed amused by this, grinning at her before a hand crept up to grab a fistful of hair. Wrenching it back, he bit her neck.

"I don't have time for your kind of fun, Alya...I have a body to're just a distraction..." he snarled at her, kissing her again and licking the blood from her lips, "Asinoe is useful...and when she stops being useful I'll think about making an upgrade..." he shrugged, "Maybe..."

"Suit yourself," Alina grinned at him, mischief lighting her eyes as her mouth fell into a pretty pout, "So you going to fuck me or what? Since I'm going to be locked away for so long..."

Nikolai snorted, releasing her suddenly and pushing away from the sink, turning on his heel to make his way out of the fancy bathroom and back into his hard-won suite.

"I'd offer you a drink, but I'm not that good at chess yet," he threw over his shoulder, moving to the bed and sprawling across it, his gaze travelling over her form appreciatively, "So...still protecting Asinoe, are we?" he asked, a brow rising, "That's gotta sting...considering what she's been doing to Baelian in your absence..."

Alina followed him into the suite and started exploring the edges of the room like a cat. She touched every surface she passed, liking the feeling of the various materials against her fingertips. It had been nearly 8 months since she had touched anything.

"We are what we are, Niki. I was made to protect the core. I may not like it, but at least I know my purpose..." her eyes were captured by her image in the mirror and she touched the bruises already rising on her face and neck, mesmerised.

Propping his head up on an elbow, Niki narrowed his eyes, watching her carefully.

"Yes, there seems to be a severe lack of that going around," he murmured,  his face twisting in disgust, "What the fuck happened...all those years our parents spent grooming us to perfection...and for what? A fucking waste..." he almost pouted, eying his fingernails and flicking them absently.

Her gaze shifted to him in the mirror, "Your Family don't want to be monsters, Niki. They can't deal with the fact that we are our parents…that we could go further than them if we wanted," she sidled closer to him, feeling the chemicals kick up a notch with every step she took, "They’re too scared…" She shrugged, locking her eyes on him and relishing the lust that burned through her. Nikolai wasn't Baelian…he was an altogether different kind of drug.

"You can lead a horse to water..." leaning over his body she touched his face, wetting her lips with her tongue. His eyes glimmered behind his hair as he stared up at her, his expression less than amused...and then his hands moved to her hips, drawing her closer as he rolled onto his back and pulled her on top of him.

"There's that word again...monsters. First Claudia, now that what you think we are?" Niki’s tongue snaked out to lick the underside of her jaw, "Is that what you think THEY were? Please..." he shook his head, "They were people, nothing more...sure they had a lot of fucking money, but that's it..." his hands wandered, fingers bunching around the fabric of her skirt as he pulled it up inch by inch.

"THEY think they are monsters, not me...don't twist my words," Alina scolded, settling herself astride him easily…it was like breathing for them, "We are who we were bred to be…stronger, survivors and heirs to their legacy...well," she smirked a little, "You and I are anyway…the rest don't really understand…" she paused and looked down at him, her head tilting, "Why do you care what the others do, anyway?”

"I don't," Nikolai made a face, hands working of their own accord to pull her flimsy g-string to one side, "I just think that if we're going to create an empire we need strong allies, and the remainder of the Seven's spawn leave much to be desired..." his lashes fluttered as he slipped inside her again, lips parting in a low moan, "Nice work with the chemical co-dependency..." he sneered at her through gritted teeth, "Your driver is going crazy...without her Bay-lee-annn..."

"Don't blame me," she gasped out in sing-song, "I was just born this way...can't say I regret that she’s suffering just a little. The bitch could do with a decent beating."

Niki laughed, fingers digging into her hips, his face turning to hers.

"You're such a fucking liar, Alya..." he crooned at her, his hand moving to twine through her hair again, "If you expect me to believe that you're not dying without him..." he yanked hard, leaning up to bite her shoulder viciously, "How does it feel...loving someone? I hear it's a sickness..." he laughed, mocking her.

Alina cried out as his teeth ground into her flesh and her head fell back. In an instant she was grabbing at his silken locks, tugging hard in a childish tit-for-tat.

"It feel likes dying, Niki," nuzzling into his neck, she bared her teeth, "But I know all about that. I will survive…thanks for the concern.”

"It's not concern, I'm judging you," he replied, bucking his hips hard and to the side, throwing her off and onto the floor. In an instant he was sliding from the bed and climbing on top of her, grabbing the flimsy fabric of her silk blouse and wrenching it open. Buttons scattered and he laughed - a joyful child's laugh - as he pushed her face to once side, pressing it into the carpet.

"Weak..." he hissed at her, taking hold of her shoulder and turning her beneath him, "Love makes you weak, Alya...and the subject of your love makes you weaker still..."

Pushing her face down into the floor, he drew the shirt off her shoulders and proceeded to bite his way across her creamy flesh. Alina’s hand lashed backwards, fingers wrapping in his hair, pulling and twisting it…trying to hurt him as much as he hurt her. It arrested his biting, bringing his mouth closer to hers.

"My carrier is the psychopath, Niki. I do not have that luxury," she laughed against his lips, "I think my father miscalculated…he didn't need me, Asinoe was born exactly like him and he never even knew it," she snorted, "Well at least not until the night she killed him."

Licking at her lips, Nikolai pressed his body against Alina's back, resting his full weight on her.

"Tell me something, Little Red Riding Hood...can you see what's going on from that cell you're locked in?" he asked, biting her shoulder hard and snarling as she reciprocated with a tug at his hair, "Do you get to see his tears and watch every exquisite moment that his face crumples as he begs for you?"

A hand slid around her body, fingers wrapping around her throat.

"Do you see the hopeful way his eyes light up when he thinks it's you, and the tragic shattering when he realises again and again that you're still gone..?"

Alina gasped as he squeezed her throat, sipping in what little air she could and squashing down the desire to throw her head back and smack him the face. A broken nose would get her killed, so instead, she waited for him to loosen his grip, staying silent until he jerked her for a response.

"Fuck you," she choked, her eyes rolling back to glare at him.

"Oooo did I hit a nerve?" he sniggered, batting wide blue eyes at her, "You CAN see him can't you? You've been watching her torture him this whole time..." Niki writhed against her back, moaning in her ear and chuckling darkly, "Does it turn you on, his tears? He cries so damn much...fucking victim, do you know that even in here he's managed to find someone to hurt him? One of the orderlies...sneaks into his room at night know what a beautiful mouth I have..."

Pushing himself downwards, he bit into her back again, laughing as he made his way over her spine. She moaned, wriggling her body and trying to slide out from beneath the onslaught.

"And I'm sure…you encourage it…to keep him that way. After all, if he’s weak then you’re strong, right? Congratulations…"

She no longer felt any lust. Now, Alina just wanted to get away from him. She writhed beneath his weight, twisting until she was on her back, his grinning face inches away from hers.

-I despise you- 

"Awww don't be like that..." he laughed, tightening his grip on her, "It's all just fun and games...Alyonushka..." he purred mimicking her voice, "I thought you'd appreciate the way I played. Have I upset you? I would simply be mortified if I upset you..."

With a growl, Alina shoved herself upwards, her hands moving to his hair. Wrenching his head to one side, she wrapped her legs around him and savagely bit into his neck, losing herself in the haze of hatred and going for the pulsing blood at his throat.

The cackling laugh that fell from his lips at her tantrum was rich and mirthful, the pain she inflicted seeming to only heighten his zeal. Giggling like a schoolboy, Niki yanked her head back, keeping her gnashing teeth at bay.

"Oh I DID upset you! I know that face! I remember that face..." his blue eyes were cold, despite his mirth, his smile cruel and calculating, "How can I possibly make it up to you? I know!"

A small gasp fell from his lips, his head lolling forward as all at once he stopped struggling, his body becoming limp above her. Alina stilled instantly, her fingers releasing his hair but remaining tangled in damp tendrils as a low moan escaped him and her heart flipped in her chest.

"Baelian?" she whispered gently, waiting a moment before whispering his name again, trembling fingers moving to his chin, turning his face upwards.

Baelian's lashes fluttered, his eyes bleary and distant. Lips parted and he sucked in a sharp breath, a tremor running through his body. His forehead creased, the tiniest shimmer of hope dancing through his gaze before it was swallowed up in the shadow of despair.

"" he whispered, shaking his head, "Go away...I want Alina...I don't want you..."

"Ouch…" she smiled and stroked his face, pushing his hair back, "I'd recognise you anywhere, yet you don't know me? I'm hurt, Baelian," she chided him, trying to keep her voice steady and calm.

Baelian blinked once, then again, confusion and mistrust writ plain on his face, his breath quickening as he stared at her. His lip trembled, eyes glazing as he shook his head again.

"Don't...don't play with me..." he pleaded, "...don't..." his voice was weary, "Just take what you want and leave me be..." his head bowed into her shoulder, hands tightening around her as he buried his face in her neck.

"Jesus, what did she do to you?" Alina murmured, running her fingernails gently down his back, "I don't have much time, my love…if you don't believe it’s me soon…she’ll come back, and I don't know when I can get out again…" Her voice was warm and gentle...a tone she only used with him.

He murmured her name, the sound muffled against her neck, and his entire body tensed, his head lifting and his face turning up to her again, staring into her through the veil of his hair.

"...Alina...?" his voice was barely a whisper, as if all at once he was afraid that speaking too loudly would somehow wake him up, " that you?"

He sounded so lost, so hopeful, that her heart broke.

"Yes, my love. It's me," she purred at him, "Niki dropped you in on me…" she shifted her weight beneath him slightly, wiggling her hips.

-Can’t help yourself, can you?-

Baelian’s breath caught at her movement, lips slackening, brows rising then knitting. A shaking hand rose, fingers pressing against her face, brushing her hair back.

"....He does that," he murmured softly, a flicker of mistrust flashing through his gaze, as if at any moment he expected her to start laughing and prove herself a liar. A few moments passed and his face crumpled, those inevitable tears filling his eyes as he shook his head.

"It's you..." he sighed, his head bowing against her shoulder, his arms crushing around her so tightly it seemed he wanted to absorb her into his body.

“It’s me…” she whispered, holding him just as tightly and nuzzling her face into his neck, breathing him in. He was in the same body as the others, but Baelian always smelt different to her.

-Like home-

Alina’s eyes misted for a moment as she held him, her heart aching. She missed him…and there was no time.

"Baelian, you need to listen to me. I’ll be gone very soon…now he's not here I’m not needed…and the Professor is still my God," she tried to pull away but he only held on tighter, "Baelian…” she tried to turn his face up so she could meet his eyes, “You have to warn Lyra. She doesn't know Niki. He's going to twist her."

Blinking, Baelian shook his head, clinging to her, "No...stay with me..." he said, panic rising in his voice, "I can't do this on my own...I'm not...I'm not're the strong one...I'm..." his voice cracked and the tears began to spill, "I'm nothing without you...Alina..." he kissed her, shuddering, "Lyra won't listen to me...she hates me..."

"Oh, Baelian," Alina kissed him back and her body lit up from the inside, jerking against his uncontrollably, "She doesn't hate you, she’s being lied to by Niki and Asinoe. I’m sure she misses you…"

Winding her hands in his hair and running her nails over his scalp, she smiled softly as his body shuddered against her, "Do you want to die? What will I do when you are gone?" she whispered softly, "I'm still here, Baelian."

A sob escaped him and he curled his body against hers, pressing his nose into her cheek.

"You're gone..." he whispered against her face, "And soon I'll be gone too...she's going to kill me, Alina....she's going to do it because I'm not strong enough and because I hurt people...and I couldn't save you...I'm sorry I couldn't save you..." His hand rose, fingers brushing her lips lightly, those wide haunted eyes fixing on her, "I'm so sorry I'm not strong enough...I couldn't protect you...not then, not now...I'm useless..."

"Baelian, you’ve let yourself get so far into this victim mindset that you believe it..." she shook her head, blinking back tears and scolding him as if he were a child. She loved him beyond words, but his weakness was going to get them both killed, "You can't give up now, they’ve already taken so much from us. Don't give in to them. I can come back, Lyra can do it. You have to tell her about Asinoe. Tell her what she did to you. Don't let her get away with it...." she rubbed her face against his, feeling his tears run down her cheek.

He blinked, his body trembling as he practically tried to crawl into her.

"I love you," he whispered, gripping her tightly, "I know you don't believe me but I do. I told you yesterday under the tree...but you tried to hurt me. Why do you always try to hurt me?" He sniffled, a scowl twisting his features, "I heard them talking again...they say that we're coming of age and they’ll have to watch us now...they say that I'm gonna get you in trouble..." his eyes closed and he sighed, "I won't let them take you away from me,'s you and me, forever...always...I won't let you leave me..." his lips moved to her face and he kissed it lovingly, "Even if you hate’re mine…"

"I don't hate you, Baelian…I love you too…" she kissed him softly on the lips, trying to get through to him. Tears started welling in her eyes again as she realised he was gone. He was too weak and too damaged to fight anymore, he was already starting to regress.

“Baelian…” she held him tighter, wrapping her legs around him and trying to get as close as possible to him before the inevitable.

-Everything I love is gone-

Tears slid down her cheeks at the realisation. Her Baelian had disappeared into the past, rambling about shadows that pierced her soul. She moaned in his ear, a sob escaping her lips.

"Don't leave me, Baelian, don't leave me again," she cried into his neck and just held on.

"Alina..." he moaned, his fingers digging into her soft flesh, "Where's my Alina? What have you done with her? Give her back to me..." he was sobbing now, shaking his head and shivering as if he were cold, "You said if I was good you would bring her promised..." His body had curled into a ball around her, his arms trapping her in his vicelike grip, "Please I don't care what happens to me...just don't hurt her anymore...take me instead...she's better than me...she's worth more than me..." his damp face rose from her neck, clouded eyes blinking in confusion before they fixed on her again, widening, "Alina..." he breathed, "I don't want to die...I'm afraid to die...stay with me...I don't want to die alone..."

Alina could do nothing but cry helplessly in his arms.

And then, her body shuddered, the hands that wound in his hair tightening…nails digging into his scalp like talons.

"Cry baby Baeliaaaan," her voice was sharper, amused, heated by lust only his tears could quell, "Pretty, pretty Baelian…cry for me."

He froze, his entire body stiffening and his breath catching as her voice changed. When her claws dug into him he moaned, then proceeded to fall apart, giving her all the tears she demanded instantly, and then some.

"I'm sorry," he moaned, "I didn't mean it...I'm sorry..." he started to hyperventilate, his face pressing into her chest.

"Didn't mean what?" Asinoe purred dangerously, yanking his hair until he cried out, her body rising up against him, "We're you a bad boy?"

Baelian snuffled and Asinoe tutted at him, her focus completely on the man on top of her. His tears fell onto her face and into her mouth, and she licked the salty water off her lips with a moan.

"Kiss me," she demanded, but held his hair as he went to comply so that he could get no closer than an inch away. She laughed delightedly, avoiding his tongue as it slid out to try and reach her lips, mewling at him. He tried, with every ounce of strength he had left he tried, giving up finally and crumpling over her, sobbing into her chest again, his trembling hands lifting to cover his ears.

"" he moaned, rubbing his face into her flesh, "Please...I don't...want you..."

"Oh I beg to differ..." Asinoe said, laughing, "You need me more than ever, Baelian Black."

She pulled his hair hard to the side, rolling him in the direction she wanted, until she was straddling him. For once, his body wasn't ready for her and she frowned down at him, clicking her tongue, "I feel like I should be insulted..." she pouted, wiggling around until she felt life stir beneath her. She smiled triumphantly.

-Poor Baelian…forever a sex toy.-

Like a puppet on a string he went where she led, his body responding as it always did, his sobs showing no sign of stopping as she slid herself onto him. Glassy eyes stared at the ceiling, his lip trembling like a child's as he whispered Alina's name over and over.

Asinoe moaned, bucking her hips, riding the waves of his misery with her head thrown back. Eventually, Baelian turned his face to the side, eyes sliding closed as he pressed his cheek into the carpet.

"I'm sorry Alina..." he breathed, crying uncontrollably as deep down inside, within his mind, someone else was laughing like a madman.

Written by Chastty De Vice and N Ristovski.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2016. Natalie Ristovski.

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