An Unwanted Visit – September 2015

The long black limousine pulled up in front of the Black Family Inc. offices at 11am sharp. Immediately the door opened, and Jasper Baelian Black hauled himself out of the plush leather black seat. Cobalt eyes scanned the scene before him, brows furrowing at the flash of color to his left as he pushed his way past the doorman, ignoring his courteous greeting.

“Purple,” he thought, and paused, scowling before throwing the bewildered woman behind the front desk a glare.

“…why is there a fucking motorcycle in my lobby…again?”

The woman shook her head and tried to stammer a response as her exasperated employer stalked past her and got into the lift.

“I swear to fucking God if he’s passed out on my fucking couch again…” the young man muttered to himself.

The ride to the sixty-eighth floor was uneventful, though the Muzak remix of Hanson’s MmmBop did nothing to improve his mood. He made a mental note to fire the elevator guy on principal, his mind filing through a list of possible replacements with better taste as the sliding doors opened and the myriad of well-dressed secretaries and interns that buzzed around his office like workers in a hive fell over themselves trying to get out of his way and greet him at the same time. Ignoring them all, he selected a silver baseball bat from the umbrella stand by his office and entered.

“What…” THWACK “…the fuck do you want, Luxx?”

Luxx Van Horne opened his eyes as the bat slammed onto the couch beside his head, mumbling “hey” blearily before closing them again. Making a face, Jasper prodded him with the tip of the bat until Luxx swatted it away, sliding to the floor and half-crawling, half-staggering his way to the mini-bar.

“Is that what you’re wearing this week, Van Horne? You look like a fucking poodle.”

“Never mind my clothes, Baelian,” Luxx muttered, pouring two glasses from the bottle of Jack Daniel’s he’d thoughtfully brought with him – the last time Luxx had been caught sneaking shots from the bar had left its mark on him – and passed one to the billionaire, who took it with a scowl. Luxx downed his drink in one gulp, fixed his gaze on the man before him and spoke one word.


“What about Luna?” Baelian barely blinked.

“Why are you insisting on the blood test, Bae? You know who she is.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. And, for that matter, neither do you…” Baelian muttered, downing his drink and slamming the glass onto his desk, “…nothing out of the ordinary there.”

“Cut the snide for a minute, Baelian.  You know who I mean.  She looks just like her…” Luxx paused as Baelian shot him a look, pouring another drink and widening the gap between himself and the baseball bat the Black heir was tapping against his side.

“Lily,” Lux went on, flinching when those icy blue eyes flashed at him, “You know what happened to her. You know she was pregnant. Hell, all a woman needs to do is brush up against you for you to father another Black heir...”



“She’s obviously your daughter…and MY niece. All we have left of…”

“You don’t know that. You don’t really know much of anything, do you Luxx?” Baelian was doing that head tilty thing he often did right before he tried to kill someone. Biting his lip, Luxx picked up the bottle of Jack and headed towards the door. He who fights and runs away...

“I know one of your spawn when I see them…and I know my sister…”

“Let me tell you what I know, “ Baelian sneered at Van Horne, who pulled the office door open before pausing to glance at the angry young man, “I know that there’s no fucking way I’m accepting any connection whatsoever to anyone without proof…there’s nothing to indicate that Lily’s baby was even old enough to survive…”

“If you say so…”

“And I’m not going to have you upsetting the kid OR Luna until we have evidence that there is something to be upset about…you say anything to anyone else and I will end you…I don’t care whose brother you are…Jasper finds out and you’re dead…” Baelian pointed the bat at him.

“Sure thing, boss-man…”

“And the next time you park that motorcycle of yours in my lobby I’ll have it crushed into a fucking cube with you tied to it…”

Waving the bottle at Baelian in a salute, Luxx merely nodded.

“See you at Funday …” he said, pulling the door closed behind him. Baelian watched him go, tapping the bat against his foot for a moment longer before hurling it across the room. It clattered against the wall, leaving a sizable mark, before rolling away beneath a table.

Striding to his desk, Baelian picked up the phone and speed-dialed Bella. She answered after the first ring. She always did.

“Give Luna’s people what they want…” he muttered, not bothering with a hello. There was momentary pause on the other end before Bella responded.

“If you think that’s wise…” came the breathy reply over the speaker.

“I think we don’t have any other choices, get it done.”

“Of course darling…are you okay?”

Baelian hung up without a response, throwing himself into the leather chair and turning towards the window, staring out at the city views in silence as he listened to the sounds of the traffic below…and the offensive rumble of Luxx’s purple motorcycle as it screeched into the street.

Written by Michael Nero. Edited by Natalie Ristovski.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2015. Natalie Ristovski.

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