In the depths of Melbourne's hidden treasures, through a dimly-lit doorway, a world of high eroticism and sensual carnality pulses with life. Deep in the throbbing heart of the city on Friday nights, the young and beautiful pay homage to man’s baser instincts in a celebration of, study in and lament on beauty, sexuality and high art. Join caretaker Jasper Black and his crazed band of misfits as they whisper their dark delights in the shadows. But be warned...this is the Underground and in here, anything goes. Cabaret…burlesque…what’s your pleasure?

The Addams Family meets the Godfather in this fully interactive serial RPG cabaret and burlesque experience. Featuring performances from some of Australia's greatest artistes, and international world-renowned stars.


With dark burlesque, fetish, erotica, gorelesque, black comedy and satire, the Underground tears to shreds convention and societal norms with political and social commentary that is sometimes confronting, often liberating and always exhilirating. A veritable muppet-show soap opera of grandiose proportions, it will change the way you view art and theatre forever.


The Underground. It's burlesque with bite.

Come and play, if you dare.

"Dark...unexpected...delightful...unpredictable..." - Australian Stage


"It's nothing short of fabulous..." - Hidden Places, Secret Spaces


"Fast, kooky, goofy and lusty..." - Laneway Magazine.

"Unapologetically sensual..." - The Weekly Review

"Confronting and bold." - TripAdvisor

"A violent clash of the Mafia meets unhinged circus." - Afflatus Magazine